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Growth Collective finds and vets the top freelance marketers in the world. Our in-house team of marketers can hand-match you with a true Facebook and Instagram advertising expert.
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Best Practices for Paid Social Ads & Why Hiring a Facebook Ads Expert Can Help You Thrive

Maximize your ROI with a true Facebook
advertising expert

Facebook’s user numbers and engagement statistics are staggering. Their robust advertising platform is an obvious channel for anyone exploring digital marketing efforts, but how can you make sure that your message doesn’t get lost in all of the noise?

Our network of expert freelancers can help you navigate the complexity of Facebook ads and get the best return on your investment. Facebook’s ad network has the largest reach of any social platform, but you don’t need an in-house hire to effectively drive new traffic and awareness for your business.

Social networks like Facebook provide an unparalleled acquisition channel that’s directly connected to the types of content that move your customers to action--things that actually matter to them. Advanced targeting options and rich ad formats can boost engagement over traditional display campaigns, but there can be a steep learning curve in making the most of Facebook’s wide range of ad options. Working with a Facebook ads expert can help you avoid costly in-house marketing hires and give you valuable outside insights on how to get your brand in front of the right users.

Even small investments in Paid Social can have a large impact, so don’t write off Facebook ads as too expensive or time-consuming. Facebook’s ads platform allows you to create a number of different types of ad campaigns through the same Ads Manager, deploying your content across Facebook’s network, from their Messenger application to Instagram’s Stories and Sponsored posts.

The top reasons to advertise on Facebook
and Instagram

Sheer Reach

With over 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook’s platform has incredible global reach. Facebook also enables you to inject a tracking pixel directly into your own website’s code in order to combine your traffic and usage data with their already-advanced audience insights. You don’t need to be a Software Engineer in order to set up Facebook’s Pixel tracking--it’s a simple addition to your existing sites and pages that’s mostly a matter of copy-and-paste.


Facebook’s sheer number of users may seem intimidating, but thankfully, their ads platform provides a number of different targeting options to make sure that your ads land in front of strong, potential customers. Simple demographic information like age, location, and even relationship status help ensure that every campaign reaches its intended audience.

Custom “lookalike” targeting options also enable you to deliver your ads to potential customers who share common attributes with your existing fans, followers, and even customers, automatically generating lists of those who are likely to be interested in your goods and services. You can also select to target those who exhibit specific interactions with your brand on Facebook, whether it’s shares, clicks, or other interactions that can help drive customers down the purchasing funnel.


Facebook’s Ads platform determines ad visibility through an auction, similar to Google’s Adwords platform. Certain industries and verticals can be more competitive in terms of overall cost, but the platform’s advanced targeting can help you make small investments to test marketing hypotheses and make sure that you’re spending wisely.


Facebook’s properties extend far beyond its main web and mobile applications. Instagram’s incredible reach--over 170 million users in the US alone--and Messenger’s 1.3 billion users are all available for targeting, making it possible to use the same creative ad templates and messaging across different applications to test which platform is most relevant for reaching your customer base.

When to hire a Facebook ads expert?

Facebook ads can be used to test possible positioning and messaging long before development begins, but the best time to invest in Facebook ads is when you’ve found Product-Market fit and are looking for valuable new funnels of customers. Feel free to dive into their ads platform with a small budget set aside to get the basic sense of the ecosystem, but it’s essential to have an expert guide you through larger, more costly campaigns.

You’re in a competitive industry with costly auction prices

If your business operates in a crowded market, there’s going to be a lot of competition from firms looking to buy their way into a share of customer attention. Setting up Facebook ads yourself may seem simple, but things quickly become hairy when you’re setting your desired Pay-Per-Click (PPC) rate and realize that you’re effectively priced out of any meaningful exposure. An industry expert can help you spend wisely and effectively from the start.

Past paid social efforts haven’t been effective

Ads manager is built for large marketing teams. There’s a steep learning curve needed to effectively deploy multiple ads (via A/B Testing, for example), manage their on-going performance, and maintain a profitable Cost-per-Customer-Acquisition (CoCA).  Frequent algorithm changes also make it important to stay on top of existing platform trends.

Technical expertise is lacking in-house

Even if you manage to drive strong engagement and traffic through your Facebook ad efforts, all of that effort will be wasted if your technology stack isn’t set up to correctly attribute traffic data and effectively follow-up with potential leads and advocates. An expert freelancer will ensure that your landing pages and content are equipped to track the exact traffic from your Facebook ads efforts and understand user behavior once they reach your site.

How to choose the right Facebook ads expert for your business

Find and hire an expert Facebook Ads consultant

Past success with Facebook ads campaigns is a crucial metric when looking for a potential freelancer. Ask for specific case studies, where applicable, to help evision possible results for your campaign. Past engagement information like overall Return-on-Investment (ROI) and engagement data are key.

Deep familiarity with your industry is another major bonus. Make sure that your freelancer has a strong understanding of your business model as well in order to adequately position your efforts against competitors.

If you hire a Facebook ads expert through Growth Collective, we match you with pre-vetted experts who have demonstrated their expertise through past successful campaigns.

Share your Goals and Budget with the Expert

Every business has a different Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Considering a customers “Lifetime Value” will help you effectively gauge the profit margins on your on-going acquisition efforts, so consider what your target return on ad spend should be. Optimizing for profitability is key -- with an expert, you’re not merely running one-off tests on campaign effectiveness. A proper Facebook ads campaign plan includes plans for on-going campaign evolution.

Work with your ads expert to create killer creative

Since Facebook’s activity and primacy depends upon users willingness to engage and share content, whether sponsored or organic, it’s become increasingly important to find creative angles that will help your business and message stand out.

Audiences will quickly become exhausted with the same ads popping up in their Newsfeed and elsewhere, so work with your expert to develop a creative angle that provides for a wide-range of possible messages and supporting content.

Plan to refresh your creative efforts as more learnings come in from on-going Facebook ads experiments. It’s not enough to develop a clever tagline or ROFL-ready meme--you need to be ready to adapt to how audiences react to your content.

Design plays a crucial role in moving customers to action, so Growth Collective makes it easy to pair a visual or User Experience designer with your Facebook ads expert to ease collaboration and deployment of engaging work.

Launch, Monitor and Optimize Your Campaigns

Once the strategic work is completed, it’s time to launch your ads. Be sure to set up your analytics infrastructure in advance in order to make sure you’re tracking engagement and traffic data from your campaigns effectively.

Google Analytics is a strong free tool that’s easy to access. Hubspot’s paid, “premium” Enterprise offerings also can give deep insights into user behavior and ad effectiveness.

Your Facebook ads expert should monitor your campaign data and adapt on-going improvements to make sure you’re capturing insights from your initial efforts.

Get More Done with Freelancers

Freelancers are more agile than traditional ad agencies. That’s why we believe that hiring an excellent Facebook Ads consultant is the best way to test and iterate quickly. The sooner you discover a profitable advertising formula, the sooner you’ll be able to scale up your customer acquisition.

You’ll save a bundle hiring a freelancer too. Agencies charge expensive retainers while in-house talent can cost over six figures per year. Freelancers are lean. They typically work from home and rarely hire employees. These lower costs result in lower prices for you.

The World's Best Marketers

Growth Collective finds and vets the best freelance marketers in the world. If you’re looking for an exceptional Facebook Ads consultant, we have a deep bench of talent to introduce you to. Many of our top Facebook Ads specialists used to work on the ads team at Facebook.

All of our Facebook marketers have experience at or with top brands. Our thorough vetting process ensures that only the best are admitted to Growth Collective.

How it works

Before we introduce you to any freelance marketers, we offer a free 30-minute growth strategy session with one of our in-house marketers. We’ll dive deep into your business model, what marketing tactics you’ve already tried and what success looks like for you.

After the call, we’ll hand-match you with the Facebook Ads consultants that are the best fit for your business. You’ll have the chance to review profiles and rates before scheduling one or more introductory calls.

Most freelancers work on an hourly basis, although we do occasionally offer monthly retainer or project-based work. Growth Collective handles all legal, billing, time-tracking, 1099 compliance and freelancer payments.

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