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Ali Raza

Verified Talent

I am dedicated and energetic email marketing expert to enter ecommerce business to next level through implementing updated and modern strategies of email marketing.

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I am dedicated and energetic email marketing expert to enter ecommerce business to next level through implementing updated and modern strategies of email marketing.

Worked With

— pet food depot Rafplay

— Xtremepoint

— Marketing Chamber

— Rezet

— Lejewel

— Lightray Solutions LLC

— Alkaram Shoes Store

— Bajwa Sports

Case Studies

Specialty Areas

Email Marketing

Vertical Experience





Klaviyo Setup
Email Design
Email Marketing
Lead Generation

Recent Roles

Email Marketing Specialist

Xtremepoint | 2022- Present
  • Strategy what I will follow going on:
    -Setup signup form
    -For Cell phone
    -For Desktop and exit intent
    -Welcome flow and some other basic flows
    -Campaigns with eye-catching email templates
    -A/B testing along the way
    -Analytica and metrics installation
    -List Cleaning
    Many more in pipeline

Email Marketing Specialist

Rafplay | 2021- Present
  • I am handling this store for Email Marketing:
    What I am doing here?
    ↪2-3 Campaigns per week
    ↪Advance Segmentation
    ↪Improving deliverability
    ↪Improving open rate with list cleaning
    ↪Working on 9-10 flows
    ↪Learning and implementing updated knowledge
    ↪Analyzing the results
    ↪Building the list
    ↪Profile property
    ↪Custom reports
  • Results:
    ↪I have generated 50% revenue in the last 30 days.
    ↪About 25K AED just from checkout flow.
    ↪Increased the open rate from 5 to 50% with list cleaning and segmentation.


Marketing Chamber | 2021- Present
  • I shared there important and updated content about Email Marketing to help my colleagues and audience

Email Marketing Specialist

Rezet | 2022- 2022
  • Client asked me to diagnose his klaviyo account within short time and so I submitted proposal within 2 days.

Email Marketing Specialist

Lejewel | 2021- 2021
  • Basically, it was an almost a 1-week project to optimize the three flows like Welcome Flow | Browse Abandonment Flow | Added to cart Flow.
    What I did to optimize:
    - Welcome Flow:
    • There was condition for non-openers but it is not good practice now and after IOS 15. So I removed it and add other condition for place order case
    • I use update profile property option in this flow. Means who have already completed the welcome flow will not receive it again.
    - Browse Abandonment Flow:
    • I reduced the days from 30 to 15 days for those who were in flow because We wanted to send this flow email because it is important to send. So reduced time
    • I would also be able to add another condition that added to cart zero time since starting this flow but this metric was not installed.
    • As no reviews I could see on store, so just added 2 emails in browse abandonment flow.
    -Added to cart reminder Flow:
    • To avoid overwhelming the customers, I remove those who were in flow in last 14 days.
    • I turned on smart sending in all emails of all flows except 1st emails of browse abandonment | added to cart reminder because these are necessary emails to be delivered.
    - Profile Property and Back Populate:
    • I have update and create profile property in flows
    • I have back populated the flows that will accumulate the previous subscribers in these flows.
    - Coupon:
    Coupon created in klaviyo (dynamic) was not working, I checked it.So then use coupon created from shopify
    • WELCOME10
    • WANT10

Email Marketing Specialist

Lightray Solutions LLC | 2021- 2021
  • I am handling Email Marketing from scratch. I have used some basic modules and implementing updated and advanced email marketing tactics:
    -Build SignUp Form
    -Manage the Listing of 15k
    -Set some basic Campaigns from time to time
    -Make flows live and having an eye on the analytics
    -Advanced Campaigns
    -A/B Testing
    -Many more process and strategies are in pipeline

Email Marketing Specialist

Lightray Solutions LLC | 2021- 2021

Email Marketing Specialist

Alkaram Shoes Store | 2020- 2020
  • For this store, I have done with Pop Up form and some other things about Email Marketing that I have done and undergoing are :
    -Segmentation from time to time
    -Price Cut Campaign
    -Independence Campaign
    -New Arrival Campaign
    -Special Discount Campain
    -Advanced Campaigns
    -Welcome Flow
    -Winback Flow
    -Sunset Flow
    -Transactional Flows
    -Abandoned Cart Flow
    -Abandoned Checkout Flow
    -Abandoned site Flow
    -A/B Testing for Flow & Campaigns
  • It is not stopped here ,many other tactics and modern strategies are under the bridge to make them try.

Email Marketing Specialist

Bajwa Sports | 2017- 2019


Klaviyo Product Certified
August 2021
Email Marketing
August 2021
HTML Email Certification


University of the Punjab
BA Engineering

Case Studies

Sales with Klaviyo

Generated 57% Revenue with Klaviyo

57% Sales with Klaviyo

Client Verified

Client with store Rafplay come to me. They were just getting 5-7% revenue and under 10% open rate from campaigns. Then I did list cleaning and improved open rate to 55+. Interestingly, have generated 57% revenue in last 30 days.

How we did it

-Segment for unengaged
-For soft bouncers
-For suppress profiles and upload in suppress profiles and exclude them while sending campaigns
-Setup basic flows and sent campaign 2 per week ang generate 57% revenue.
-I also track actions of customers through profile property buttons.

What clients are saying

Ali is very dedicated and committed to his work, his drive through work capability and positive attitude to handle his position in the best possible manner is his strength. He will never shy away from learning and taking a step further to improvise himself in every way possible. I highly recommend him and am very happy working with him. Keep up the good work!!!
Ruhi Latif, Owner at Rafplay
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