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Darryl Peddle

Canada (just north of Toronto in Barrie)
Verified Talent
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— Rank Study Consulting Ltd

— Ziff Davis

— FreshBooks

— Toronto Star

— Yahoo! Inc.

— StomperNet

— CBL Data Recovery

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Competitive Analysis
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Recent Roles


Rank Study Consulting Ltd | 2005- Present
  • I started Rank Study as a way to help enterprise level businesses develop powerful digital marketing strategies with a tangible ROI. We also occasionally work with small to medium sized businesses where we see a fit with our level of passion and the same ambitious desire to win markets.
  • In particular, Rank Study provides in-depth competitive intelligence reports for businesses that want to gain a clear understanding of what strategies and tactics are currently performing well on-line in their specific market. Each market behaves differently online and the beauty of SEO/SEM is that you cannot hide your strategies and tactics. The key is knowing what to look for and how to tap into the most profitable pockets of the market.
  • These reports are incredibly dense and very easy to follow and understand.
  • Educating businesses about their competition and the searching patterns of their target user base is one of the best ways for companies to build a strong online presence and foundation. Rank Study prides itself on our ability to over deliver on quality and TEACH small business owners how to succeed in the online marketing environment.

Senior Director, SEO / Audience Development

Ziff Davis | 2014- 2016
  • After working on and off with various Ziff Davis properties in a consulting capacity for 5 years I was fortunate to have the opportunity to expand my role and lead the company's SEO & digital marketing efforts for about 18 months in a remote capacity.
  • After accomplishing many of our goals and objectives I decided to take my consultancy full time and I am happy to say that Ziff Davis continues to be a client of ours.
  • The leadership team is stellar and in the time I have been able to work with them & they helped me to grow as a digital marketer in a number of important ways.
  • They helped me to really think like an entrepreneur in my approach and my execution.
  • They provided me with amazing growth opportunities that forced me to think outside the box and to look at data and markets in new and innovative ways.
  • They introduced me to mergers and acquisitions and how to look at websites and company growth with a new lens, which is now a major advantage that I am able to share with new clients.

Director of Online Marketing / Digital Media

FreshBooks | 2011- 2014
  • One of the more exciting companies I have had the pleasure to be a part of is FreshBooks. I have always wanted to be a part of a fast growing start up and FreshBooks provided me with that opportunity.
  • FreshBooks started off as one of my clients at RankStudy for almost 2 years prior to joining full time. In that time I was able to help them expand their SEO influence as a leader in the online invoicing category, while dramatically reducing their cost per acquisition on the paid media side of things. For more than 2 years the online team was able to break referral and sign up records as we learned more about our customers and continued to test, refine and optimize new marketing channels (both paid and organic).
  • Most importantly, I really enjoyed working with the FreshBooks team and I have tremendous respect for what they stand for as a company. The business started in the basement of founder Mike McDerment (a former SEO consultant!) and has since grown to become the #1 cloud accounting specialist for small business owners. Mike in particular is probably my biggest mentor and someone I was able to learn a ton from while I was a part of the team.
  • The company is incredibly social, has some of the best customer support you will ever receive (seriously, the support team is the best you will find anywhere), and makes small business accounting/invoicing actually fun and easy!
  • Overall, it was an amazing experience to work with a company with so much talent and a company that aligns with my own values. It was a great time.

Head of Search Marketing / Digital

Toronto Star | 2009- 2011
  • My responsibilities involved heading up all aspects of online marketing for TorStar's business ventures division with a primary focus on, a TorStar acquisition that has since been re-sold to Kanetix.
  • Do a few searches on for anything related to ontario car insurance or insurance quotes and you will see that the site ranks in the top 5 for just about every term in the industry.
  • Now that the site has been set up and is performing well I have decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities and continue my own business at

Head of Search Engine Optimization

Yahoo! Inc. | 2005- 2009
  • For close to 4 years I was the head of search engine optimization at Yahoo! Inc. I was primarily responsible for helping build the strategy, execution plans, analytics and monitoring tools for SEO (and SEM) initiatives within Canada, US and the Americas. I also regularly worked with the SEO teams in Europe and Australia to help establish some global SEO standards for the company.


StomperNet | 2008- 2009
  • At launch, Stompernet was one of the biggest communities for entrepreneurs looking to improve their online marketing skillset and performance. After starting out as a paid member, I met some terrific people and was fortunate to join the Stompernet faculty after 45 minute webinar became 4 hours of intense training. It went viral within the community and was rated one of the best training courses on the site. After the webinar things started to pickup and I was added to the keynote presentation roster at one of the Live events, along with running a full day interactive workshop on digital competitive intelligence. It was a fun time and a great learning experience for my career.

Head of Search Engine Optimization / Online Marketing

CBL Data Recovery | 1999- 2005
  • At CBL I worked as the head of search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, and web development.
  • The network consisted of more than 50 sites and included a wide range of international web projects, online marketing initiatives, and client tracking requirements.


Search Engine Marketing


University of Toronto
BA Political Science

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