Verified Talent

Shermaine Capuli

Verified Talent

πŸ–₯ Project Manager
πŸ’» Certified Digital Business Strategist
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Experienced Social Media Strategist
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό 11 years in the Remote Work Industry

I help entrepreneurs & consultants organize, track, & execute work within a project.

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πŸ–₯ Project Manager
πŸ’» Certified Digital Business Strategist
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Experienced Social Media Strategist
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό 11 years in the Remote Work Industry

I help entrepreneurs & consultants organize, track, & execute work within a project.

Worked With


β€” LaunchGo, LLC

β€” Tuli

β€” Birch Health & Wellness

β€” Sherfriends

β€” Ignite Media Marketing

β€” Intrepid Group Asia

β€” Destileria Barako

β€” SmarterVA

β€” Easy Native

β€” Surefire Local

β€” Sakura Online Asia

β€” Upwork

β€” Savings United GmbH

β€” Sliq Gaming Inc

β€” Half Price Protein

β€” N1 Residence

β€” Engage Online Marketing LLC

β€” Ben M.

β€” Aptus Business Solutions

β€” Dobie Media

β€” oDesk

β€” MultiRational Corporation

β€” Christian Patriot

β€” Top Kudos

β€” Unity One


β€” Ethical Care

β€” Beydoun Insurance

β€” Vullionaire

β€” Rusty Innovations

β€” The Come to Jesus Church of Tarlac City Inc

β€” NVS

β€” Facebook

β€” Opex Recovery

β€” Kathy Smail

β€” Faith Business Solutions

β€” Peter of Palma Seo

β€” Cornel Simms Word Association

β€” Central Luzon Doctors Hospital

β€” Peniel House of Prayer

β€” Eagle Cement

β€” Philippine Christian Literature Inc.

β€” St. Lukes Medical Centre

β€” RMH Teleservices

β€” Public Employment Service Office

Case Studies

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Specialty Areas

Content Marketing
Social Media Management

Vertical Experience

Service Providers


Facebook Analytics
Active Campaign


Social Media Strategy
Social Media Content Creation
Content Writing
Blog Writing
Email Copywriting
Project Management

Recent Roles

Project Manager

LaunchGo, LLC | 2022- Present
  • Organizing client work for the Marketing Consultant for website projects and digital marketing clients.
  • Analyzing project requirements and preparing budgets and schedules.
  • Developing detailed designs, plans, and monitoring progress as well as writing up reports.
  • Liaising with relevant teams, clients, and managers for the duration of the project.
  • Establishing good relationships with clients and other professionals.

Social Media and Admin Virtual Assistant

Birch Health & Wellness | 2021- Present
  • Act as a Social Media VA for the Holistic Health and Wellness Center and functional medicine doctor in the United Kingdom.
  • Sending Facebook Messenger Outreach to Facebook Group to target patients to invite for a discovery call, to create communication and engagement
  • Creating Facebook Page posts and repurposing to Facebook Niche Group, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Scheduling social media post
  • Research, Blog Writing, Data Collection and Management, Email Writing

Digital Marketing Manager

Tuli | 2021- March 2022
  • Act as a Marketing Virtual Assistant for handmade jewelry in the USA which is Tuli
  • End-To-End Social Media Management and Content Management
  • Assistance in Email Campaigns and Email Marketing (Newsletter)
  • Generating and Nurturing Leads for potential prospects and partners
  • Execute processes and utilize tools and CRM applicable to the business
  • Website Management
  • Administrative and Operations Support such as processing documentation, pulling out reports, and other Administrative Related tasks
  • Research and Data Entry/Data Management
  • Collaborate with the client to ensure that the client is delighted with our services through timely and effective communication, delivery on deadlines, and stellar Marketing support
  • Manage day-to-day relationships with clients while performing within established processes and protocols


Sherfriends | 2010- Present
  • Providing step-by-step tools of global program strategy by implementing Social Media hacks for business owners and entrepreneurs to ignite and dominate their perfect audiences and achieve their marketing targets.
    • Online tools, one-on-one coaching that cover everything from kickstarting your sales funnel to having targeted online visibility.
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Social Media Marketing and Management
    • Content and Blog Writing
    • Media Monitoring and Pitching
    • PR Authority and Social Media Audits
    • Introductions to Influencer Marketing
    • Brand Ambassadorship
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • SEO
      -Event PR
  • Who We Work With:
    -Entrepreneurs, Startups, E-Commerce and Business owners
    -PR agencies, Professional and Entrepreneurial Organizations
    -Event Organizers.

  • Why We’re Different:

    • Combining both experiences in Social Media and Sales, we are a sole-entrepreneur and work-at-home moms that were applying social media strategies to gain targeted sales. There are NO locked-in contracts! We offer a monthly service.
    • We’ve been there, done that... Our methods are tried and true because we tried them all building our sales funnel!


Ignite Media Marketing | 2020- 2021
  • Ignite Media πŸ”₯YOUR Lightning to your Online Presence Journey BEGINS NOW!
    We focus on creating content tailored to your audience needs.
  • Problems We Solve:
    -No Social Presence
    -Not Enough Traffic
    -Brand Experience and Engagement
    -Customer Service Management
  • Who We Serve:
    -Exciting Brands
    -Services and Professionals
    -Marketing Events Companies
    -Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Intrepid Group Asia | 2020- 2020
  • Act as a Social Media Consultant and Social Media Manager and provided the following services for the e-commerce of branded skincare accounts of FILORGA Malaysia, FILORGA Indonesia, FILORGA Singapore
  • Organic Posts Content Creation and Engagement Growth for Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Media Content Ads for FILORGA Malaysia accounts for Lazada and Shopee
  • Provides Assistance to Influencer Marketing
  • Intrepid Philippines Strategy for Social Media Content

Social Media Strategist

Destileria Barako | 2020- 2020
  • Act as a Freelance Social Media Strategist for the Brands Kanto Vodka and Sirena Gin and provided the following services:
    βœ… Social Media Content
    βœ… Content Management
    βœ… Engagement Growth
    βœ… Analytics and Tracking

Marketing Director

SmarterVA | 2020- 2020
  • At SmarterVA we match your businesses to the most suitable Virtual Assistant for your needs.
  • Our Virtual Co-Workers are able to provide a wide range of services from personal assistance to website development. Our services are reliable and affordable, leaving your business with more time, but without leaving you out of pocket - so that you can work smarter.

Freelance Writer

Easy Native | 2019- 2020

Content Writer

Surefire Local | 2020- 2020

Social Media Business Strategist

Sakura Online Asia | 2019- 2019
  • Provided the following roles to target eCommerce customers at Sakura Online Asia
    -Social Media Strategist
    -Influencer Marketing

Social Media Strategist

Upwork | 2015- 2019

πŸ”³ Increased the online presence, I developed and execute digital and social campaigns to build awareness, engage and grow a target audience.

πŸ”³ Employed social media strategies and completed more than 20,000 hours worked to promote companies' products and services for clients in Upwork.

πŸ”³ Launched and developed content for brands and business including e-commerce, technology, restaurants, personal and development coach, health, medical and dental who are based in the United States of America, Australia, and Asian countries.

πŸ”³ Provided analysis and recommendations through KPIs using data from social platforms and web tools to lead content and posting strategy that generates clicks by 200%.

πŸ”³ Identified and developed a partnership with Influencers.

πŸ”³ Corporate trainer for virtual assistants for social media training.

Freelance Copywriter

Savings United | 2019- 2019
  • Act as a Coupon Writer. Creates a unique, SEO optimized text that will be published on one of the coupon websites:
    πŸ”³ PCWorld
    πŸ”³ New York Post
    πŸ”³ Independent Coupons
    πŸ”³ Telegraph Vouchers

Instagram and Facebook Marketing

Sliq Gaming Inc. | 2018- 2019

Blog Writer for Half Price Protein

Half Price Protein | 2019- 2019

Social Media Strategist

N1 Residence | 2019- 2019
  • Social Media Strategy for N1 Pent House (Real Estate)

Social Media Manager

Engage Online Marketing LLC | 2014- 2018
  • Responsible for managing all our client's social media accounts: Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Biography Writing

Ben M | 2018- 2018

Freelance HR Professional/Social Media Expert & Blogger

oDesk | 2010- 2015
  • Human Resource, Counseling, Administrative Works, Blogger, Social Media Marketer, Transcriber
  • Over 5 years of experience in Human Resource Division, I was able to handle almost all of its facets which involves Recruitment, Timekeeping, and Administration. My Competency includes the ff:
    I can provide you these :
    • Christian Jobs - Christian Blog, counseling other Christian or pastoral works
    • Contract Writing /Legal Business Writing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Data entry (Google Docs, MS. Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
    • Recruitment, sourcing
    • Advertisement Posting specially thru fan pages
    • Facebook & Twitter Management
    • Web research
    • Virtual assistant - non-voice & voice

Press Release Expert

Top Kudos | 2014- 2014

PR / Marketing Assistant

Unity One | 2013- 2014
  • A PR/Marketing Assistant for an arts-based (music) project that focuses on ethnic diversity and Christian ministry.

  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
    β€’ Copywriting (articles, blog posts, etc)
    β€’ Writing email copy
    β€’ Creating, monitoring, maintaining content, adding fan base, and responding to posts for the various social media platforms
    o Facebook
    o Twitter
    o You Tube
    o Linked In
    o Crossroads
    o Real estate niche groups
    β€’ Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and metrics
    β€’ Facebook marketing campaigns
    β€’ Weekly traffic analysis
    β€’ Write and manage press releases
    β€’ Maintain and update media/church/ministry contacts and release process

Content Writer for Health Business Landing Page

Ethical Care | 2014- 2014
  • Create a write-up for Business Landing Page about health using Neuro Linguistic words

Publicity Specialist

Facebook | 2011- 2013
  • Online advertising of fan pages

Personal Assistant , Search Engine Optimizer, Social Media Marketer, Blogger

Faith Business Solutions | 2012- 2012
  • Christian writer, marketing expert for online business, and some personal assistant help (data entry, research, etc...)

Publicity Specialist

Peter of Palma Seo | 2011- 2012
  • Online Publicity/Online Advertisement‍‍


Fundamentals of Operations Management
February 2022
Become a Digital Marketing Specialist
August 2021
Content Marketing Foundations
July 2021


Tarlac State University
BA Arts, Psychology

Case Studies

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