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Within two days, you’ll be introduced to Klaviyo experts from our pre-vetted talent pool.
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Platform Configuration

If you are new to using the Klaviyo platform, an experienced Klaviyo marketer will help you get up and running. Work with your Klaviyo expert to style templates, build forms, configure custom email triggers, and identify important customer segments.

Email Marketing for eCommerce

Klaviyo is used to establish email marketing campaigns specifically for eCommerce stores to help boost your sales. Your Klaviyo marketer can help you think through an effective email marketing strategy that will grow your customer base and create a plan to target each specific customer segment through using Klaviyo.

A/B Testing & Content Creation

When you have so many user's to target, using an A/B test to come up with the best targeted email campaigns can be of great value to your eCommerce business. Your Klaviyo marketer can help analyze patterns in your customer data and create high-quality content to make every targeted email a success.

Email Flow Automation

Klaviyo can also be used to automate outreach to potential & existing customers. An experienced Klaviyo marketer can help you sell more on autopilot by helping you build out custom email flows for your customer life-cycle including abandoned carts, browsed products, up-sell & cross-sell flows, predicted next purchase series, and more.

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Digital marketing is littered with underwhelming individuals and agencies. Growth Collective cuts through the noise and provides best-in-class talent. We saw measurable results immediately.
Dylan Enright
Founder, U Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Growth Collective cost?
Experts in the Growth Collective network have been pre-vetted based on their past work. Most have over 5 years of experience at top companies and are based in the US or Canada.

Rates are set by the freelancers and can vary based on the type of work, level, location and a number of other factors. That said, most fall between $50-$150/hr. When you create a role, we'll instantly estimate your total cost.

Flat rate pricing is also available for one-time projects.
How does the matching process work?
After you create a new role, our team of experienced marketers will comb through our network of experts for the perfect fit. Then, we reach out to these folks to gauge interest and availability. If they are interested, you’ll receive our thoughts on why it's a fit, a personal note from the expert, a link to their Growth Collective profile and a way to schedule an introductory call. If you decide to work together, you can start a project in just a few clicks!
What if I’m not happy with my Klaviyo expert?
We pride ourselves on the quality of the freelancers in our network, but we understand that sometimes it’s just not the right fit. If you are ever unhappy, we will provide other recommendations for freelancers with the same expertise.

Most projects are hourly and we don't offer long-term contracts. That means you can try working with one of our experts without committing significant time or money.
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