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Ronen Wasserman
Marketo Expert
Former Company
Cody Julian
Marketo Expert
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Ronen Wasserman
Marketo Expert
Former Company

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Within two days, you’ll be introduced to Marketo experts from our pre-vetted talent pool.
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Platform Configuration

If you are new to using the Marketo platform, an experienced Marketo expert will help you get up and running. Work with your Marketo expert to setup your Marketo workspace/lead partitions, build landing page and email templates, design a personalized lead scoring system, and more.


Get help from a Marketo expert to develop effective automation that can be used in every step of the customer lifecycle. Your Marketo expert can help you make the most of your Marketo instance by creating custom triggers and flows based on things like specific audiences, customer behaviors, CRM sales activities.

Audience Segmentation

Make every targeted marketing campaign a success by hiring one of our Marketo experts to help you with segmenting target audience's based on each channel/campaign such as Email, Social Media, and Outbound Sales. 

CRM Integration

Your Marketo expert can help you connect an existing or new CRM to your Marketo instance. They will help integrate and configure the CRM software with your Marketo solution so that it is more convenient for your team to manage and analyze customer data/relationships throughout the entire customer journey.

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Digital marketing is littered with underwhelming individuals and agencies. Growth Collective cuts through the noise and provides best-in-class talent. We saw measurable results immediately.
Dylan Enright
Founder, U Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Growth Collective cost?
We offer hourly or retainer pricing. The rates vary significantly based on level, location and a number of other factors. We work closely with you to design a hiring strategy that meets your budget and provides the highest impact on growth. 
How does the matching process work?
After submitting interest in working with us, you’ll meet with an experienced marketer on our team to discuss your business and growth goals. With this information, we search our network for the right fit, discuss the project with those marketers and propose options to you within 48 hours.
What if I’m not happy with my Marketo expert?
We pride ourselves on the quality of the freelancers in our network, but we understand that sometimes it’s just not the right fit. If you are ever unhappy, we will provide other recommendations for freelancers with the same expertise.
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