Why Today Is The Best Day To Drive Serious Brand Growth With YouTube Ads

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Well, that’s actually not true. Yesterday was probably the best, but fear not, today is still a great time to start driving Awareness, Consideration & Conversions at scale with YouTube Ads.

Brands have been leveraging Google’s bank of search intent data to facilitate business growth for years now.

In fact, most brands use Google Ads.

And while this has been essential to any Paid Media strategy, Facebook Ads have typically been the tool brands have looked to for serious scale online.

But YouTube Ads have been bubbling away and are now set to explode in 2022.

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The Ocean of Opportunity

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, and it’s easy to see why when there are 500 minutes of content uploaded every minute. 

All this is then consumed by 2.3 Billion users worldwide with a staggering 40 minute average viewing session.

40 minutes!!!

And while a lot of content that gets the most engagement is for entertainment purposes, YouTube is widely regarded as an educational platform where people go to learn, research and solve problems, for both work and leisure.

Because of this, YouTube has been able to integrate a nonintrusive ad experience and provide brands with a place to connect with their audience at virtually unlimited scale.

YouTube’s intelligent targeting algorithm and responsive ad placements are the reason why 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing an ad.

Add high impact, content rich video creatives that allow advertisers to tell their story as a cost-effective means of prospect qualification, then you’re looking at some really amazing conversion rates.

So with a virtually unlimited inventory and great conversion rates, the competition is pretty fierce, right? 

Surprisingly, no. 

Product adoption is low, you could even very realistically be the first in your vertical to adopt YouTube Ads.

Even if not, then it will be nowhere near as saturated as Facebook Ads.

So YouTube Ads really could be the ocean of opportunity for your brand if you are looking to scale.

(High Inventory + Low Cost of Traffic) x Great CVR = Brand Scale

Creative Is King

The real beauty of YouTube Ads within direct response exercises is that they can quickly turn cold prospects into loyal buyers.

So finding a winning creative that resonates with cold audiences is paramount to achieving your goals.

A winning YouTube Ad is hyperfocused and has a clear understanding of who its audience is.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Grammarly are top of the food chain when it comes to YouTube Ads and it’s obvious why when you dissect their ads.

  • Hook that is deeply sympathetic to viewers' motives.
  • Aspirational user benefit.
  • Clear CTA with an irresistible offer.


Noom burst onto the scene with their innovative approach to weight loss. A topic of great interest on YouTube.

  • Quick fire usage of super relevant testimonials to grab user attention and provide social proof.
  • Focused demo targeting of prospects.
  • Clear explanation as to why Noom is different to alternatives.


Viddyoze is a SaaS brand that had scaled on Facebook and saw YouTube as an opportunity to diversify and grow their brand to the next level.

Also by pure coincidence, it happens to be a project I worked on. 

  • Identifies the audience and their needs in the first 5 seconds.
  • Compelling comparison of Viddyoze vs without Viddyoze.
  • Provides walkthrough with emphasis on key user benefits.
  • Clear CTA with a time sensitive offer.

Are you a good fit for YouTube Ads?

If you’ve got a great product and a big audience then there is huge potential for you here.

Particularly if your offer is the answer to a “how to…” question. These searches have risen 70% YoY and are set to keep rising as YouTube’s user base continues to grow.  

However, the buck doesn’t stop with keyword targeting. In fact, it doesn't even scratch the surface. 

By leveraging machine learning signals and Google’s user behavior data, YouTube is almost certain to connect you with buyers at scale.

1 billion hours of content are being watched every day on YouTube. That’s more than Facebook & Netflix combined.

And that’s not purely D2C. In fact, 50% of B2B decision makers use YouTube to research purchases. 

So if you are in SaaS, ecom, tech or a startup looking to drive serious brand growth, then you should be considering YouTube Ads as a means of doing so.

Adopting YouTube Ads is potentially the most effective vehicle for scaling your brand in 2022. 

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