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How Hiring a Webflow Expert At Growth Collective Works

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Our team of marketing experts will hand-match you with 2-3 Webflow experts from our pre-vetted talent pool.

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Scale your team up or down as your needs change. No long-term contracts.

What Does a Webflow Expert Do?

Platform Configuration

If you are new to using the Webflow platform, an experienced Webflow consultant will help you get up and running. They will set up your hosting plan, style templates, integrate your brand guidelines into the site theme, and identify the type of site that best fits your business.

Website Design

Your Webflow freelancer will leverage the platform to structure content types you’ll publish over and over again — like blog posts, product pages, etc. — by combining modular “fields.” Once you’ve created your content types, they will then use the Designer to determine how Collection items look on the site.

E-Commerce Setup

If you're setting up an E-Commerce site, your Webflow consultant will use the platform's E-Commerce tools to build your online shop. They will connect your site with payment gateways like Stripe, Apple Pay, Paypal, or Google Pay, while also extending your store's capabilities with various integrations.

Continual Improvement

Once your initial website is live, your Webflow expert will monitor its performance and make adjustments when necessary. They will also establish a continual improvement plan, adding new content to enhance your search engine rankings and user experience.

Transparent Pricing

We work with you and your Webflow freelancer to write well-defined scopes of work and agree to fixed weekly or monthly pricing.

Matched by Marketers

Our team of experienced marketers personally matches you with the right Webflow consultant based on your goals.

Scale Up or Down

As your needs change, update your mix of marketers to tackle your most urgent growth initiatives.

Webflow Experts at Every Level

Hire marketers for every growth need. From junior-level to Interim CMO, we’ve got someone for you.

Why clients love Growth Collective

We’ve helped companies of all sizes and industries assemble dynamic marketing teams.

"We're constantly pulling in Growth Collective experts to test and scale new acquisition channels. They seem to have a specialist for everything!"

Alejandro Chouza
Founder & COO

"We needed an expert to devise a strategy for paid channels. GC connected us with the right marketer the day we signed up. There is no better solution for startups who are looking to move fast!"

Elliot O'Connor
Founder & CEO

“Growth Collective sent us an email marketing expert who exceeded our expectations and brought a whole new level of strategic thinking to our project. The caliber of the experts on their platform is unparalleled. Plus, I love that they pre-vet experts for us - that means I can quickly launch projects with a consultant that I trust."

Andi Smiles
Head of Content

"Growth Collective sent us a digital marketing expert who has really helped us scale and double our revenue. Working with Growth Collective to find the perfect match was easy, from sourcing great talent to helping you choose the right one for you and your business."

Jason Knight
Founder & COO

Webflow Expert FAQs

How much does it cost to hire a freelance Webflow expert?

Our Webflow consultants typically cost between $75-$125 an hour and have at least 5 years of experience in this domain. We offer hourly or retainer pricing and rates vary significantly based on the type of work, level, location, and a number of other factors.

Most Webflow freelancers have rates that fall into these ranges:
  • Junior ($50-$75/hr)
  • Senior ($75-$125/hr)
  • Premium ($125-$200/hr)

When you create a role, you’ll see an instant estimate of the weekly cost based on the desired level and time commitment. 

Our team of in-house marketers is available anytime to help you think through a hiring strategy or prioritize channels based on your business model.

What types of freelance Webflow experts can I find at Growth Collective?
What skills or tools will those freelance Webflow experts use?
What types of businesses do your Webflow consultants work with?

Our Webflow consultants have years of experience working across a number of industry verticals and business types including small businesses, enterprise organizations, and those who are B2B and B2C.

How does the matching process work?

After you create a new role, our team of experienced marketers will comb through our network of experts for the perfect fit. Then, we reach out to these folks to gauge interest and availability. If they are interested, you’ll receive our thoughts on why it's a fit, a personal note from the Webflow expert, a link to their Growth Collective profile, and a way to schedule an introductory call. If you decide to work together, you can start a project in just a few clicks!

What if I’m not happy with my freelance Webflow expert?

We pride ourselves on the quality of the freelancers in our network, but we understand that sometimes it’s just not the right fit. If you are ever unhappy with your Webflow freelancer, we will recommend other specialists with the same area of expertise.

Most projects are hourly and we don't offer long-term contracts. That means you can try working with one of our experts without committing significant time or money..

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