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Benefits For Growth Collective Experts

We connect our experts with projects from top brands and startups. Set your own prices for hourly, flat rate or weekly work. Growth Collective handles all backoffice activities so that you can focus on helping your clients grow.
Access To Qualified Leads
Select Only Projects You Want To Work On
Weekly, On-Time Payments
Work Flexibly And Remotely
Set Your Own Pricing
We Handle Legal, Billing & Payments

What It Takes To Join

Channel or Tool Specialization

You must be an expert with at least one marketing channel or tool. We also look for vertical experience.

Growth Experience

Most of our experts have 5+ years of marketing experience. We do occasionally make exceptions for people with stellar backgrounds or high-demand skill sets.

Client Success

We look for marketers with a track record of success. You’ll be asked to share case studies, references or portfolio items during the certification process.


Members are held to the highest standard and must showcase excellent communication skills and consistency.

How To Become A Growth Collective Expert


Submit Application

Submit Application

Even though we are highly selective in who we accept into the network, we keep an open application process and invite anyone to apply. At this step, we gather initial information on your skills, tools, verticals, roles, and freelance experiences.

Complete Onboarding

Complete Onboarding

When your profile sticks out to us, we’ll invite you to build out your profile on the platform. This step lays the foundation for your profile and helps us understand your specific skills and interests.

Get Certified

Get Certified

We look for experts with a track record of past success. Our Certification process ensures that you’re an expert on specific marketing channels or tools. This step may involve reference checks, case studies and/or a portfolio review.

Gain New Clients

Gain New Clients

Once you’ve been accepted into the network, we’ll begin to share new potential projects with Growth Collective clients. You’ll hear from us with highly qualified leads anytime we think there is a project that fits your skill set.

Deliver Great Work

Deliver Great Work

As a member of the network, we’ll hold you accountable for being a responsible, committed, and communicative consultant to our clients. We regularly review responsiveness to leads and feedback on client work to ensure a high standard. We will also give you access to tools, tips, and tricks to improve your profile and grow your business with GC.

What Our Experts Are Saying

"I've been freelancing for a while now, but Growth Collective was able to provide me with more jobs than I could actually handle - which is a good thing. They connect me with great clients that I can truly support and help achieve results."

Natalia Rabelo
Paid Social Expert

"Growth Collective was instrumental in connecting me with an amazing client that ultimately turned into a year-long consulting partnership. They also aided me in pivoting from a freelance one-off hired specialist to a trusted, long-term fractional marketing collaborator with my partners."

Megan Brunner
Brand Marketing Expert

"I have worked with a few networks as a gig worker but the quality and consistency of leads that I get from Growth Collective is well beyond them all. This is also a network where one finds clients with complex needs that are willing to engage for the long term and are not looking for the cheapest work."

Ateeq Ahmad
Analytics Expert

"Prior to joining GC, I was managing 500k/month ad spend for 2 public companies but didn't have a consistent flow of high-quality clients. I see GC staff like my brothers and feel confident in them representing me as they only connect me with the exact types of businesses that are good for me."

Arvin Khamseh
B2B Marketing Expert

"It has been a pleasure working with clients at various stages - startup, scale-up, re-positioning - and I am satisfied with both the matches and introductions made. Growth Collective's established processes handle contracts and payments seamlessly, which means I don't have to deal with the administrative heavy-lifting and can concentrate on my craft."

Puja Shah
Content Marketing Expert

"I had been dreaming of freelancing full-time for years, and joining GC allowed me to take my next steps in becoming self-employed. Growth Collective has matched me with a great group of clients globally, that are not only fantastic to work with, but match my skill set perfectly. If you're a marketer looking to freelance you need to join Growth Collective."

Tim Rocke
Paid Social Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Growth Collective?

We accept experts across every major channel, tool and vertical. Most specialists have 5+ years of experience in their domain. However, we occasionally make exceptions for exceptional junior talent.

In addition to marketers, we accept experts of marketing-related tools and no-code/low-code platforms. We’ve found that these skills are often complementary. Commonly requested tools include Webflow, Klaviyo, Salesforce, HubSpot and Bubble.

How long does the application process take?

We receive a large volume of applicants and our review process is thorough. It can take up to a month to complete the entire process. If you’re interested in working with us in the future, we encourage you to apply today. Once accepted, you can adjust your availability as needed.

Do you have to be from North America to join?

While most of the experts within our network are US or CA based, we accept marketers from all regions of the world. However, most of our clients are here in North America, so you may need to make yourself available during those hours for projects.

How much do Growth Collective members get paid?

As an expert on our platform, you set your own hourly rate. Most rates range from $50-$200/hr depending on the type of work and your level of experience. You are also able to offer weekly or flat rate pricing.

Are there any other perks to becoming a member of Growth Collective?

Yes! You’ll also gain access to exclusive discounts on services designed for freelancers. We’re adding new deals to the expert portal all the time!

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