Growth Collective Launches All-New Tech-Powered Platform To Find And Manage Top Freelance Marketers


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Growth Collective has launched an all-new platform that will enable companies to find, hire, and manage top freelance marketers quickly and easily.

In development for over 12 months, the new platform is packed with new features that enable quick and easy role matching and management of freelancers. 

Here are some of the key features of Growth Collective’s new platform:

  • Fast White Glove Matching: Through a unique blend of technology using advanced algorithms and experienced in-house marketers, Growth Collective is able to quickly and accurately handpick the best-matched freelancer for every client. The process can be completed in a few minutes, and clients can immediately be up and running with a new freelance expert. 
  • Collaboration Within The Platform: Some of the most notable features of our new platform are our upgraded collaboration tools. Freelancers and clients can efficiently collaborate directly within the platform through innovative chat, video, and phone communications.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Clients can choose to hire freelancers on an hourly, fixed price, and retainer basis and can change these work arrangements at any time. 
  • Easy Billing: The new platform keeps billing easy to track and manage.

“It’s no secret that the freelance economy is robust and growing, especially given the current unknowns in the economy. But, big general freelance marketplaces don't vet their freelancers, and the clients must sift through endless profiles to find the best freelancers. And, most of the handful of premium marketing freelance platforms have become agencies with nice websites rather than true tech platforms. This means these companies have to keep huge percentages and often stand in the way of the work and collaboration between the freelancers and the clients themselves,” says Growth Collective CEO Dan Minahan.

“Our new platform is in line with our mission to better help companies grow by directly connecting ambitious companies and agencies with the world’s best marketing freelancers,” he adds.

Setting the Company Apart from the Competition

Growth Collective stands out from larger “Big Box” freelance platforms because of its focus and understanding of what its customers need in terms of marketers, its strong vetting process of each freelancer on the platform, and the matching process, which combines both technology and white glove service.

The launch of the new Growth Collective platform helps to further the company’s ability to match each customer with its ideal freelance marketer while also differentiating itself from other marketing freelancer platforms, many of which are simply service agencies with a little bit of technology. 

Perfect Timing

The launch of Growth Collective's new platform comes at an opportune time. In recent years, the freelance industry has grown enormously, while numerous new marketing channel opportunities have appeared. It has become tougher to hire a marketer who is familiar with all of them. 

Businesses now are also reluctant to hire full-time workers because of the state of the economy, yet they still need to find ways to expand. 

Hiring freelancers right now is a sensible move, and Growth Collective, with its new platform, makes working with these experts simpler and more efficient than before. 

A Track Record of Success

Founded in 2020 by two former Google employees, Growth Collective has quietly built a reputation for helping some of Silicon Valley’s best start-ups, venture capital firms, and agencies flexibly hire top marketing experts.

The company's success to date can be attributed to recruiting and vetting the highest-quality marketing freelance talent, many of whom have worked for top start-ups such as Airbnb, global tech giants including Google and Facebook, and top Fortune 500 companies such as Pepsi.

Additionally, Growth Collective helps its clients find ideal freelancer matches, enables companies to hire freelancers within 1-3 days, and provides flexible contract options to work with those freelancers. 

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Ransom is a passionate SEO and content marketing professional and is currently the marketing manager of Growth Collective. He has vast experience working with small businesses in Australia and was previously the SEO Lead of a top Instagram growth service based in San Diego.
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