How we launched a new site in 3 weeks with Webflow

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Back in December, we decided to expand Growth Collective to include all types of marketers. This was a major pivot for us that required a redesign of our whole site. 

As a part of the redesign, we wanted to migrate our site from Wordpress to a more modern CMS. We had a lot of issues developing and maintaining our custom Wordpress theme. Our hope was that another CMS would make responsive design easier and allow us to make changes later without a developer. 

Enter Webflow

The interface feels like a design tool - think Figma or Sketch - making it easy to edit elements without writing code. They even let you toggle between devices and customize elements for each device. It was clear that our website should live here.

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Writing design specifications

Before reaching out to any designers, we wrote out a detailed set of specifications. This gave us a chance to think through the messaging and UX of the site and ultimately saved us money with our designer. Our specifications included the following:

- Fonts, Logo and Colors - developed by our previous designer

- Visual Preferences - flat design, no gradients, no stock images

- Visual Inspiration - a list of sites that we loved aesthetically 

- Other Requirements - provide designs in Figma

- Copy and images - copy for every page & links to image assets

- Wireframes - wireframes of certain page elements

Designing the site in Figma

We’re big believers in the value of freelancers, including for design work. For this project, speed was our highest priority. We found a great designer who was able to turn around several iterations of our site each day.

The best designers think beyond the visual components and consider how each element will be implemented on-site. Our designer was aware of our plans to build on Webflow. We even included a video with Webflow best practices in our design specifications. 

Creating the site in Webflow

As soon as the design of our homepage was complete, we started to create the site in Webflow. We were fortunate to meet a talented Webflow freelancer who owned the implementation. I was amazed at how quickly the site came together in pixel-perfect fashion. Within a day, the homepage was built out and fully responsive. 

The entire site was completed and launched within two weeks during the holidays. That’s a testament to the incredible freelancers that we worked with and Webflow as a platform. 

Updating website content

Once the site was built in Webflow, I found it quite easy to make changes myself. I was able to update copy and images on all of the pages in only a couple of hours. 

We also took full advantage of Webflow’s CMS functionality. Blog posts, FAQs, testimonials, and featured marketers can all be updated without touching a page’s design. In the future, we plan to build out a host of additional landing pages using the CMS.

If you’d like to hire the freelancers who built our site, you can do so through Growth Collective! Get started here.

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