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Sites like Upwork have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. 

The rise of both the gig and creator economies, new generations of workers, and increasing demand for flexibility have all contributed to a new era for the freelance marketplace. In fact, by 2030, experts believe the freelance platforms market will grow by 12.7%

These sites don’t just appeal to freelance workers, however. They also offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to access the expertise they need flexibly and save money on hiring. However, while Upwork is one of the better-known platforms available today, it’s far from the only solution.

There are plenty of Upwork alternative sites out there that can offer access to better talent, value for money, and features. We’ve assessed the top contenders from around the web to bring you this list of the top companies like Upwork worth considering for your freelance needs. 

Why Do You Need an Upwork Alternative?

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So, why look for sites like Upwork when you could just use the site itself? Simply put, while Upwork is a very well-known freelancer platform, it has its limitations. The platform benefits from being easy to use, with a convenient algorithm to help you find the right professional for your role. 

It’s also home to thousands of professionals with different skill sets, so you can potentially find an expert for just about any job. However, Upwork has fallen out of favor with many freelancers and business leaders in the past for a few key reasons:

  • Variable talent quality: Many of the most talented professionals don’t want to waste their time bidding for jobs on Upwork’s competitive platform. Additionally, the company doesn’t invest too much time and effort into “vetting” applicants. Just about anyone can apply to be a freelancer on Upwork, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get a quality hire. 
  • Platform issues: While Upwork attempts to offer users a straightforward user experience, it lacks some crucial capabilities, such as the ability to filter through freelancers based on things like portfolio, review, specialized skills, and experience level. 
  • Transaction fees: Upwork charges transaction fees on top of the costs charged by freelancers for their work. This could mean that your freelancers need to charge more to cover their costs. It could also mean that you spend more money on services without getting an excellent return on your investment. 
  • Reputation: Upwork has struggled with some reputation issues in the past. It’s not always the best at responding to issues that freelancers or companies raise. It also doesn’t always go above and beyond to deliver the best possible user experience. 
  • Talent pool: While Upwork does offer access to professionals with a range of different skills, there are very few “dedicated experts” to choose from. If you need help with a specialist task, such as building a complete marketing campaign, or you want to hire a specific person, like a fractional CMO, you’ll need another alternative. 

What to Look for in Sites like Upwork

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There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for finding the best Upwork alternative. There are numerous things to consider when tracking down the best freelancer marketplace, from the kind of expert support you need to the sort of “matching experience” you want to get. 

A few of the most important things we recommend looking at include:

  • The talent pool: First, you need to ensure your Upwork alternative offers access to the right talent. That means carefully considering the skills and expertise you need. Ensure you can vet the quality of the talent by checking reviews, case studies, and insights into their experience. 
  • The matching strategy: Consider how other sites like Upwork will match you to your ideal freelancer. Some options use AI algorithms to help connect companies to talent. Others hire specialist professionals to evaluate your situation and offer recommendations. 
  • Platform usability: The ideal freelance platform should be easy to use. Look for something that makes it simple to navigate through specialists, filter the professionals you need, and even create job listings to share on the marketplace. 
  • Useful tools: Some alternatives to Upwork come with extra tools built into the platform, like communication channels, time-tracking features, templates for briefs, and so on. They may also offer templates for contracts, invoicing, work logs, and similar needs. 
  • Fees: Consider the various fees you’ll need to pay to hire your freelancer. How does the pricing structure for the platform work? Are there additional costs to consider, such as transaction fees or a monthly subscription payment?
  • Reputation: How well is the platform reviewed by other users? Does it respond quickly to messages from both freelancers and customers? Does it have an excellent reputation for addressing customer concerns, handling refund requests, and so on?

The Best Sites and Companies Like Upwork in 2024

To create this list, we examined dozens of freelancer sites like Upwork, assessing numerous factors. We assigned scores to each platform based on their usability, talent quality, focus on customer service, pricing model, and overall functionality. Let’s dive in. 

1. Growth Collective

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Growth Collective is a specialist freelance platform focused on the marketing and business growth landscape. Unlike Upwork, Growth Collective carefully vets each freelancer on the platform, using strict criteria to test each professional’s experience, expertise, and work ethic. 

The vetting process is incredibly in-depth, ensuring Growth Collective can provide access to some of the most reputable freelancers in the world. This platform also goes above and beyond to ensure you’re matched with the right freelancer for your needs. When you contact the team, experts carefully assess your needs and requirements to match you with a potential professional. 

The overall experience is extremely straightforward, and the platform even includes useful tools for communicating with your experts, calculating prices, and more. Growth Collective always promises quick turnaround times, flexibility, and amazing customer service.


  • Thoroughly vetted marketing freelancers with experts at every level. 
  • Easy communication tools and management features.
  • Quick turnaround times and guaranteed quality. 
  • Channel and tool specialists for a range of use cases. 
  • Transparent pricing with no long-term commitments. 
  • Excellent matching process to ensure you’re connected to the right freelancer


  • Limited to marketing professionals, unlike Upwork
  • Pricing can be more expensive for high-level experts. 

The Pricing Model

Growth Collective promises transparent pricing, with an instant cost estimate every time you create a role. You’re also not required to commit to any specific “contract length.” The platform earns a 20% share of the freelancer compensation for each project (which doesn’t affect your price). 

The overall cost will depend on the skill level required. For instance, a mid-level expert will charge between $50-$100 per hour, a senior freelancer charges from $100-$150, and an executive will charge $150+ per hour. 

Growth Collective is Best For

We’d recommend Growth Collective to companies looking for marketing professionals who can facilitate rapid growth for their businesses. If you need high-level specialists with years of experience in their field, this is the platform for you. 

2. Fiverr

Fiverr home page

One of the most common alternatives chosen by companies looking for sites like Upwork and Fiverr is a flexible freelance marketplace. Like Upwork, it’s home to professionals with a variety of skills, from web development and copywriting to graphic design. In fact, there are more than 600 categories to explore. The massive database of freelancers makes it relatively easy to find talent. 

Plus, you generally won’t have to pay as much for support from a Fiverr expert as you would elsewhere, as many professionals offer competitive pricing. Fiverr also makes it a little easier to filter through professionals with a star rating system. 

Interestingly, Fiverr also offers “enterprise” services, which allow you to access a tailored experience, with access to unlimited freelancers, onboarding and approval workflows, advanced reporting tools, and payments in 190 countries. 


  • Wide range of professionals with hundreds of skills
  • Tools for onboarding, approval workflows, and briefing
  • Reporting and analytical tools.
  • Convenient communication systems. 
  • Background checks for all of the employees on the site. 


  • Talent quality can vary drastically, as almost anyone can get an account.
  • Budget management can be tricky.
  • Service fees are charged to both employers and freelancers. 

The Pricing Model

Fiverr charges a “service fee” to both the freelancers on its platform and the companies hiring experts. These fees usually amount to around 5.5% of the full-service amount. For purchases under $75, another $2.50 order fee also applies. 

Beyond that, freelancers set their own fees for their services, so you can choose your expert based on their pricing structure, depending on your budget. 

Fiverr is Best For

Fiverr is a good option if you’re looking for sites like Upwork that offer access to a lot of diverse types of skills for affordable pricing. It’s particularly well-suited to small one-off projects, such as logo design. 

3. CloudDevs

CloudDevs home page

CloudDevs is one of the world’s largest freelance development hiring platforms, focusing specifically on Latin America. It has won numerous awards from G2 for its approach to offering transparent pricing, access to a range of developer-focused skills, and pre-vetted professions.

If you’re looking for sites like Upwork that focus entirely on tech professionals, CloudDevs can deliver. It commits to only working with the best talent in the industry and takes extra precautions to ensure you’re matched to the right professional for your needs based on their skills and location. 

Many of the professionals on the platform have already worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Evernote and Spotify. Plus, they’re all guaranteed to have at least 7 years of experience in their field. 


  • Pre-vetted developers, designers, and tech professionals with senior experience. 
  • Time-zone alignment options for quicker collaboration.
  • Affordable and transparent hourly rates.
  • Direct communication through private Slack workspaces.
  • Free trial options for beginners to help you evaluate the platform. 


  • Focused solely on tech professionals.
  • Limited “local” options outside of Latin America. 
  • Matching can take a little while. 

The Pricing Model

CloudDevs uses a flat pricing structure for all of its professionals. You can access the platform for free for 7 days, with no risk. Once you hire a professional, you’ll pay between $45 and $55 per hour for global professionals or $45 and $75 per hour for Latin American experts.

CloudDevs Best For

We’d recommend CloudDevs to companies searching for cloud and technology development professionals, matched to them based on their location. It’s also one of the more affordable options out there for freelance tech talent. 

4. Codeable

Codeable home page

If you’re looking for sites like Upwork that focus exclusively on the WordPress development niche, Codeable is the platform for you. Focused entirely on WordPress expertise, Codeable matches every company to experts based on their distinct needs with a straightforward strategy. 

The experts on the platform can help with everything from design and plugin development to theme customization, security, performance troubleshooting, and more. Plus, more than 97% of the freelancers have 6+ years of experience. 

Codeable’s vetting process includes a technical exam, professional review, coding test, and a 90-day trial period, so you know you’re getting a quality hire. Plus, the team monitors customer satisfaction rates and provides freelancers with training resources. 


  • Strict vetting process for all freelancers.
  • Transparent pricing with no long-term contracts. 
  • Excellent range of dedicated skill sets to choose from. 
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and training for all freelancers.
  • Great matching strategy.


  • Focused only on WordPress skills.
  • Pricing can be high depending on your project scope, urgency, and needs.  

The Pricing Model

Codeable’s pricing model is transparent, but it’s a little complex. The amount you’ll spend will depend on the complexity of your project, its urgency (how quickly it needs to be done), and the project scope. Usually, rates start at around $80-$120 per hour, and you’ll get an instant quote from the team before you publish your project. 

Codeable is Best For

Codeable is best suited for companies who want help with WordPress development tasks, such as creating APIs, plugins, and themes. 

5. ServiceScape

ServiceScape home page

ServiceScape is a freelancer site where you can “shop” for rated editors, graphic designers, translators, and writers. It’s earned some excellent reviews over the years, as well as clients like Duke University and BASF. Mostly, this site focuses on editorial tasks, such as proofreading tasks for authors or translation services to help you reach new audiences.

The platform is relatively easy to use, allowing you to sort through potential professionals based on their skill set, their language, and their background. They also prioritize speed and accuracy, ensuring you can get through the hiring process and complete your project as quickly as possible.

While there aren’t as many freelancers on ServiceScape as there are on other sites like Upwork, they’re all vetted by the team to ensure excellent results. 


  • Good vetting process to ensure you only access high-quality freelancers
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Excellent reviews for customer service and support.
  • Easy-to-use tools for filtering through freelance options. 


  • A limited number of freelancers
  • No matching service (you pick your freelancer yourself).  

The Pricing Model

Freelancers on ServiceScape set their own prices. However, it’s worth noting that the company takes a 50% commission on all of its earnings, which can mean it ends up charging a lot more than you’d pay on other platforms. Notably, however, the site does check to ensure its freelancers are charging rates they consider to be “reasonable.” 

ServiceScape is Best For

We’d recommend using ServiceScape for basic editorial processes, like copywriting, proofreading and editing, or translating content. Although it offers graphic design freelancers, there are some slightly better options out there. 

6. Guru

Guru home page

Guru is a marketplace committed to connecting employers with freelancers around the world. The company focuses primarily on professional services, like help with developing WordPress sites, logo design, or SEO. For businesses, the site checks a lot of boxes. It promises exceptional security for all of your data and gives you a wide range of professionals to choose from. 

Guru has earned a 99% customer satisfaction rate over the years, and it offers a fantastically easy-to-use platform. You can either post a job on the site and have freelancers apply to work with you, or you can search through specialists based on their skill set, experience, and other factors. 

You can even see the feedback scores each professional has received. Guru also has a fantastic support team, committed to solving customer and freelancer queries as quickly as possible, over the phone or via email. 


  • Excellent freelancer verification methods and transparency.
  • Multiple payment terms and flexible agreements. 
  • Secure payment protection for contracts. 
  • Fantastic commitment to customer support. 
  • Wide range of talent options.  


  • Some pricing options can be expensive. 
  • Limited features for collaborating with freelancers in real time.

The Pricing Model

To hire freelancers on Guru, you’ll need an “Employer Membership.” This requires you to pay a 2.9% handling fee on all of the payments you make to your contractors. In terms of the price you’ll pay for talent, this can vary depending on the professional you choose. Freelancers set their own rates, and some will require “subscriptions,” which limit your flexibility. 

Guru is best for

Guru is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a very easy-to-use platform that handles things like payment security on your behalf. 

7. Freelancer

Freelancer.com home page

With over 1800 categories to choose from and 32 million users, Freelancer is a great choice if you’re looking for sites like Upwork that prioritize versatility. It’s one of the world’s largest and most reputable marketplace platforms, and it’s also extremely easy to use. 

Businesses can choose whether to search through freelance profiles and hire a professional based on the skills they can offer, or they can simply list jobs on the site. Freelancers can then bid for an opportunity to work on those projects. The company also ensures you only need to pay your freelancer once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the quality of the work. 

As a bonus, you’ll also get a quote on your project for free before you commit to anything, so you don’t have to worry about overspending. 


  • Excellent range of freelance employees. 
  • It is an easy-to-use platform with simple filtering and search tools. 
  • Multiple options for how to hire and collaborate with your freelancer. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Commitment to excellent customer service and transparent support. 


  • Not all freelancers are fully vetted. 
  • Hiring can take more time if you choose the “bidding” option.
  • Extra services can incur additional fees. 

The Pricing Model

Experts on Freelancer set their own prices, but if you post a job on the platform, Freelancer will give you an estimate based on the average rate charged for your project. Posting jobs is free, and there’s no “handling fee” for companies. Plus, you only pay for your work when you’re satisfied. 

Freelancer is best for

We’d recommend freelancers to companies who are a little nervous about hiring freelance professionals for the first time. Since you don’t have to pay until you’re happy with the project, there’s less risk to worry about.

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour home page

Another of the top sites like Upwork that’s relatively well-known today, PeoplePerHour, is a British platform mostly focused on the European market. Similar to some of the other companies like Upwork mentioned here, PeoplePerHour allows you to either contact freelancers directly after filtering through your options or post a job on the platform. 

There are tons of different skilled professionals to choose from, specializing in marketing, writing and translation, technology, programming, and more. The platform is very easy to use, with an intelligent search function and filtering options. Plus, you can see the rating of each employee you consider hiring before you decide. 

One particularly great thing about this site is that freelancers can post “offers” for package deals like SEO link building and website design. 


  • Lots of ways to find and hire freelancers
  • Hundreds of specialists in different niches and categories
  • Easy-to-use platform for beginners
  • Great customer support
  • Anti-fraud protection and money-back guarantee


  • Customer service isn’t available 24/7
  • Fewer options for global clients

The Pricing Model

It doesn’t cost anything for businesses to list a job on People Per Hour, and there are no fees to pay when you pay your hire, either. Instead, the only cost is the price your freelancer charges for their service, which can vary depending on your chosen expert. 

People Per Hour is best for

We’d recommend People Per Hour for European and UK companies looking for a convenient way to hire freelancers with minimal effort. 

9. HubStaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent home page

If you’re looking for a free Upwork alternative with a great reputation, HubStaff Talent could be a great choice. This global platform offers access to freelancers with various skills in writing and content marketing, design and multimedia, development, marketing, sales, IT, and business consulting. It also has a great section where you can see which freelancers are available.

All of the professionals on the channel are vetted and share useful insights into their expertise and background on their profiles. Plus, they all show their hourly rates on their profiles, too, so you know there won’t be any nasty surprises. 

One interesting thing about HubStaff talent is you can use it to hire individuals or entire agencies, depending on the scope of your projects. 


  • Wide range of freelancers and agencies to choose from
  • Easy to use platform with great search and filter functions.
  • Easy to monitor the activity reports of your freelancers. 
  • Live chat and communication tools included. 
  • Local options for collaboration in the US and other parts of the world. 


  • Talent quality can vary despite the vetting process. 
  • Some of the tools included have technical difficulties. 

The Pricing Model

There are no commissions or handling fees to pay when you post a job or hire someone from HubStaff Talent. You simply pay the hourly rate chosen by your freelancer. This can vary, depending on the level of experience the freelancer has. 

HubStaff Talent is best for

HubStaff Talent is likely to be a good option for you if you’re searching for an affordable freelance platform with low hourly rates. There are no markups and fees to worry about and no subscription rates for businesses. 

10. Toptal

Toptal home page

Toptal is a freelance platform that puts quality first. Unlike other sites like Upwork, this company only lists talent they consider to be in the top 3% of the industry. Every freelancer is carefully vetted and verified to ensure they have the skills they need to benefit your business. 

When you request support from a freelancer, the team hand-selects the right professionals for you based on your job needs and gives you a list of options within 24 hours. Plus, if you’re not sure, you can engage in a trial period for free with each new employee you consider. Toptal even manages all of the paperwork, from benefits to taxes. 

With Toptal, you can find experts specializing in everything from web design and development to financial planning, project management, and more. 


  • Extensive vetting process ensures you get high-quality talent.
  • Expedited hiring process to help you find a match within 48 hours.
  • Excellent customer service and support. 
  • Guarantees and free trials to give you peace of mind.
  • Lots of skills to choose from. 


  • More expensive pricing than most alternatives. 
  • Not ideal for smaller projects.  

The Pricing Model

While Toptal doesn’t charge you fees for your projects, it does force you to provide a “deposit” for every project you want. This usually starts at around $500. Plus, the price per hour for your experts is likely to be a lot higher. Full-stack developers, for instance, charge between $45-$80 per hour, depending on their skill set and experience. 

Toptal is best for

We’d suggest using Toptal if you’re looking for an expert to help with a large or long-term project. It’s ideal for advanced projects, like web development or designing your own WordPress site. 

11. Credo

Credo home page

One of the biggest issues with sites like Upwork is they focus on providing access to individual freelancers with specific skills. If you have a larger project in mind, like an upcoming product launch, and you want a team to help you with a range of content production and social media marketing tasks, you might need to hire dozens of professionals. 

Credo eliminates this problem by listing agencies rather than individual employees. It connects businesses to teams of professionals who can help with digital marketing, SEO, web development, PPC, content marketing, and more. 

The company also carefully vets every agency it recommends to ensure it delivers excellent customer support and service. Even companies like Google, Airbnb, and Adobe have used this platform in the past. 


  • Access to entire agencies rather than individual freelancers. 
  • Proposal reviews, brief guidance, and clarification support. 
  • Customized recommendations for every business based on your needs. 
  • No bidding process, so you can hire quickly.  
  • Reports and analytics to help you keep track of work progress. 


  • No support for single freelancers.
  • Pricing can be quite expensive. 

The Pricing Model

When you work with Credo, the company asks you to provide a budget for your project so they can find the right agency to fit your pricing. You don’t pay anything for Credo to match you with an agency, but the agency will pay a commission. 

Credo is best for

We’d recommend Credo to companies looking to work with teams of specialists on larger projects, like comprehensive Amazon advertising or Google advertising campaigns. 

12. Outsourcely

Outsourcely LinkedIn page

Committed to connecting businesses and startups with specialist remote workers in 180 countries, Outsourcely is a great Upwork alternative. It specializes in helping companies find professionals with skills in content writing, sales and marketing, administration, web development, and even customer service. Plus, the platform comes with a host of tools built-in.

You get your own dashboard where you can check out job applicants, chat with existing freelancers, and manage payments. You can even host interviews with the people you hire through voice and video to ensure you’re getting the right fit. 

Outsourcely has more than 400,000 pre-vetted freelancers to choose from, and you can search through options by skill or post a remote job and allow users to apply. 


  • Excellent for finding long-term remote workers with a range of skills.
  • Fantastic dashboard for freelancer communication and management.
  • No extra fees for paying talent.
  • Multiple ways to find and hire freelancers.  
  • Reliable talent vetting process. 


  • Not ideal for short-term projects.
  • Expensive memberships

The Pricing Model

Hiring talent through Outsourcely can be a little more expensive than on most Upwork alternative sites. You can post one job for free a month and just pay the hourly fee charged by your freelancer. However, if you want more access, paid plans start at $79 per month for 5 job posts per month. 

Outsourcely is best for

We’d recommend Outsourcely to companies looking for sites like Upwork that offer access to more long-term freelancer connections. It’s better for “contractor” hiring than one-off gigs. 

13. FreeUp

FreeUp home page

While other Upwork alternative sites offer access to a huge variety of different talented freelancers, FreeUp is more restrictive. It promises access to the top “1%” of talent in various industries, carefully vetting each professional based on their background, skills, and even their attitude. 

FreeUp offers a concierge-level service, providing each business with an account manager to help them choose the right professionals for their team. They also give you a dashboard where you can access billing tools and templates. Freelancers on the platform specialize in everything from graphic design and web development to customer service and digital marketing.

Additionally, if you need specialist skills in any area, FreeUp will source freelancers for you, even if they’re not already signed up to their platform. 


  • Highly strategic vetting process to ensure top-quality talent.
  • Custom matching for each company and freelancer. 
  • Sourcing support if you can’t find the right talent. 
  • Concierge-level guidance and communication throughout. 
  • Payments managed through the platform.  


  • Fewer experts to choose from than most Upwork alternatives. 
  • It can be difficult to find freelancers with the right level of availability. 

The Pricing Model

You don’t have to pay anything to sign up for an account with FreeUp as an employer. The fees you’ll pay for talent are based on their level of expertise. The average entry-level freelancer charges $5-$15, mid-level professionals charge $15-$30 per hour, and expert-level freelancers charge $30 to $75+ per hour, depending on their skills. 

Freeup is best for

FreeUp is a good Upwork alternative if you’re looking for exceptional customer support throughout the hiring process and a commitment to constant communication. 

14. 99Designs

99Designs home page

Although 99Designs, by Vista, doesn’t advertise itself as a “freelancer marketplace,” it does have a service for matching companies to freelance talent. You can search through vetted specialists with expertise in logo design, web page design, product packaging, and more on an easy-to-use platform.

Plus, you can access a bunch of free tools on the website, such as templates for logos, web pages, book covers, and more. The company gives businesses two ways to hire freelancers. You can either contact experts directly or contact the business team to be matched to a designer. 

You can view the portfolios of each expert you consider working with. Plus, 99Designs performs extensive quality checks on all designer submissions before presenting them to you. 


  • Excellent range of design-focused freelancers. 
  • Pre-vetted freelancers for peace of mind.
  • Access to insights into each freelancer’s portfolio and previous work
  • Free tools on the platform for design beginners. 
  • Extensive matching service. 


  • Focused only on design projects.
  • Fewer specialists than some other sites like Upwork.  

The Pricing Model

It doesn’t cost anything to use 99Design’s basic tools to find a freelancer, although you may need to pay a fee if you want to use tools like “99Design Select” (For long-term projects). Fees are charged to designers, based on their level of expertise, whenever they’re matched to a project. 

The exact price you’ll pay for your service depends on the hourly rate set by your supplier and the length of your project. 

99Designs is best for

99Designs is an excellent platform for finding freelancers focused on design skills, like logo creation and website design. You can also find excellent packages posted on the platform, as well as bundled offers from multiple designers. 

15. WishUp

Wishup home page

WishUp is another of the top sites like Upwork that promises businesses access to pre-vetted and reliable freelancers. The company focuses on a few niche areas, like bookkeeping, virtual assistants, and administrative management. 

If you’re looking for a multi-talented professional to help with a range of common business tasks, WishUp is a great choice. The virtual assistants, for instance, are trained in more than 200 different skills, so they’re great for all kinds of projects. 

WishUp also gives you direct access to comprehensive profiles for each of the freelancers you consider. Plus, you can access a free consultation with a professional to help you choose the right team member if you’re having trouble. 


  • Great range of virtual assistants and multi-talented experts.
  • Vetting process to guarantee talent quality. 
  • Flexible contract options
  • 7-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.
  • WishUp manages all legal, finance, payment, and contract details.  


  • Fewer specialty areas than some other Upwork alternatives. 
  • Intended for longer-term projects. 

The Pricing Model

You don’t have to subscribe to a monthly plan to use WishUp, and there are no fees to pay on your transactions. You can even get a free consultation if you need help finding a freelancer. All you pay for is the hourly rate of your professional, which starts at around $9 for virtual assistants. 

WishUp is best for

We’d recommend WishUp as the best Upwork alternative if you’re looking for a virtual assistant or administrative expert to help with everyday tasks. It’s particularly good if you want to hire a long-term freelance assistant. 

16. FlexJobs

Flexjobs home page

If you’re looking for companies like Upwork that offer access to a wide range of professionals, FlexJobs could be a great choice. It advertises itself as the leading site to find remote and hybrid jobs for flexible employees and is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, from Apple to Dell. 

FlexJobs makes it easy to source and engage with a variety of high-value candidates. Not only can you post unlimited job descriptions per month, but you can streamline the job posting process with an ATS integration. The company also offers access to high-value recruitment marketing solutions and top-level advice on hiring, company culture, and employee branding.

The biggest downside is that if you’re looking for part-time or temporary staff, FlexJobs might not be the best solution. It’s focused more on helping companies find long-term remote employees rather than contractors or freelancers.  


  • Access to a wide range of talented professionals with various skills.
  • Excellent support for branding, hiring, and company culture.
  • ATS integrations to streamline your recruitment strategy. 
  • Data and activity reporting to help improve your hiring process.
  • Resources and member savings for specific software.  


  • Not suitable for short-term contacts.
  • Expensive pricing for employers.  

The Pricing Model

To sign up as an employer on FlexJobs, you’ll need to pay either a monthly or annual fee. The monthly plan starts at $399 per month and includes access to dedicated account support, unlimited job postings, and resume searches. 

Notably, this price is on top of the amount you’ll need to pay for your freelance worker’s services. This can make hiring through FlexJobs a little costly. 

FlexJobs is best for

With its excellent approach to employer support, we recommend FlexJobs to businesses who want to hire long-term remote employees and need help sourcing the right talent. The company can even offer expert consulting services to improve your employer brand. 

17. Truelancer

Truelancer home page

Another excellent Upwork alternative, Truelancer, is a flexible platform where businesses can find more than 2 million freelancers distributed across 120+ countries with 3,500+ skill sets. It’s one of the most diverse platforms out there, with experts for virtually every need. 

Plus, because Truelancer allows employers to rate their freelancers, you can get a quick insight into how valuable each freelancer is just by looking at their star rating. The site offers project success partners to help match businesses to their ideal employees and ensure work is delivered according to your deadline. Plus, there are AI-powered talent-scoring tools for deeper insights. 

Truelancer even gives companies and freelancers mobile and web-based apps where they can manage projects and collaborate with each other in real-time. 


  • Millions of skilled professionals from various industries.
  • AI-powered talent scoring and personalized recommendations.
  • Comprehensive scalability
  • Mobile and web apps for managing collaboration and workflows.
  • Secure payment processing.   


  • Talent quality can vary based on a lack of comprehensive vetting.
  • The site can be a little confusing to use.  

The Pricing Model

Truelancer doesn’t charge buyers and employers a fee to use the platform. However, there is a payment processing fee to consider if you’re using the integrated payment system. Prices for freelancers range from $6 per hour to over $200, depending on the skills you need. 

Fortunately, you do get some extra protections, as Truelancer will only release payments once you confirm you’re satisfied with the work.

Truelancer is best for

We’d recommend using Truelancer to hire short-term talent with AI-powered tools for candidate scoring. It’s also a good Upwork alternative if you’re looking for a platform with built-in project management and communication tools. 

18. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely home page

We Work Remotely (WWR) is one of the best-known sites like Upwork, offering access to countless talented professionals. It works similarly to a job board, allowing companies to post job listings on their platform, which remote workers can apply for. 

The company supports some of the world’s leading employers, including Shogun and Toggl. It also promises to save companies time in sourcing the right candidates with a filtering service where a professional will sort through applications for you based on your needs.

One particularly good thing about We Work Remotely is it helps to get more eyes on your job listings by distributing them across numerous locations, including the Google Jobs Network.


  • Extensive partner network for getting your job posts seen anywhere.
  • Access to millions of talented employees with different skills.
  • Easy job posting and listing service. 
  • Ad-don filtering services for help with recruitment. 
  • Bundle pricing discounts. 


  • Intended for hiring long-term talent.
  • It can take a while to sort through applications.

The Pricing Model

With We Work Remotely, you pay a specific price for every job listing you want to post on the platform. The price varies depending on the number of posts you make, with discounts for “bulk packages” ranging up to 40%. 

You’ll also need to pay the standard salary of the employee you hire. The site focuses more on long-term work, so you can expect to pay more of a traditional wage than you would with other short-term and freelancer job websites.

We Work Remotely is best for

We’d advise using We Work Remotely if you’re filling a gap in your team with a long-term employee and want to attract as many talented candidates as possible. The partner network makes it simple to boost the visibility of your job postings and expand your talent pool.

19. CrowdSpring

Crowdspring home page

If you’re looking for specialists to help with your graphic design needs, CrowdSpring is an excellent solution. More than 101,000 businesses, agencies, and nonprofits use this platform to source logos, websites, and product design experts from across the globe. 

One of the things that sets CrowdSpring apart from sites like Upwork is its commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer a 100% guarantee on all projects, so you can get a refund if you’re not happy with anything. Plus, you get industry-leading IP protection on all of your designs, so you know you won’t have to worry about copyright problems. 

The site gives companies plenty of ways to sort through talent and find the support they need. You can choose from experts in over 30 categories, create a brief, and pick the package that matches your budget, and even run design contests.


  • Excellent talent matching service, with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Flexible pricing to suit any budget.
  • Access to design professionals from a wide range of environments.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for peace of mind and IP protection.
  • Fully vetted candidates.     


  • Pricing can be quite high compared to some competitors. 
  • Limited options to interact with freelancers. 

The Pricing Model

Crowdspring works less like a freelancer platform and more like a gigantic agency with more than 200,000 employees. Freelancers don’t set their own prices for projects. Instead, the company offers different “packages” for each design project. 

For instance, if you want a logo, you can pay $299 for the basic plan and access up to 60 designs, a 100% guarantee, intellectual property rights, and more. Advanced plans, like the “Platinum” option for $1199, include awards for winning designers, platinum and elite freelancer access, unlimited designs, and a dedicated account manager.

Crowdspring is best for

We recommend Crowdspring as the best Upwork alternative if you’re looking for experts to help with a design project and you want a predictable pricing structure. It’s easy to understand exactly how much you’re going to pay for each project, which makes planning a lot simpler.

20. TextBroker

TextBroker home page

For companies in search of support with writing tasks, like creating blogs, sales pitches, video scripts, and more, TextBroker is a fantastic solution. TextBroker is similar to Upwork in that it allows you to choose from thousands of pre-vetted freelancers for your project. However, it does operate a little differently. For instance, TextBroker guarantees your work will be done according to your deadline, even if your chosen writer gets sick. 

You can order any kind of writing in virtually any language without any monthly fee. Plus, TextBroker ensures you can manage everything easily through their convenient platform. You can handle everything from author briefing to exporting content into your CMS from the same place.

The company has earned over 80,000 satisfied clients worldwide, including some well-known brands like Staples and Lastminute.com. It also handles the billing process on your behalf.


  • Fully vetted and reliable freelance writers for every use case.
  • Convenient self-service option for ad-hoc orders. 
  • Simple calculator for predicting project costs. 
  • Translation options for dozens of different languages. 
  • Easy-to-use backend for project management and freelancer collaboration.      


  • Focused exclusively on content production. 
  • Price per word can be high if you want to work with the top experts. 

The Pricing Model

TextBroker doesn’t charge any monthly fees to access its services. Instead, you’ll pay authors “per word” for their content. The pricing varies depending on the skill set you want and the type of process you choose. 

For instance, if you use the “Open Order” option, this means anyone from over 100,000 proven professionals can apply to do your work. Their rates vary from 2.2 cents per word to 8.0 cents per word. Alternatively, you can commission an author directly or create a team of your own hand-picked experts for prices starting at 3.1 cents per word. 

TextBroker is best for

TextBroker is an excellent Upwork alternative if you’re looking for reliable content writers with guaranteed results. The platform is easy to use, and all of the writers are thoroughly vetted. However, you may pay a little extra for some authors. 

The Best Sites Like Upwork in 2024

In today’s freelance and gig-focused world, finding sites like Upwork is easy. The challenge is figuring out which of these companies is going to connect you to the freelancers that are best suited to your specific requirements and budget. 

Hopefully, the list above has given you an insight into some of the best sites like Upwork available today. However, if you want our number one recommendation, it has to be Growth Collective. We might be biased, but Growth Collective is specially designed to provide businesses with access to the best talent in the world, specifically focused on generating growth.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Growth Collective today to be matched with the ultimate industry expert. 


Are there better sites than Upwork?

While Upwork is a popular freelancer platform, there are a lot of great alternatives out there. Options range from dedicated design platforms like CrowdSpring and 99Designs to content-focused sites like TextBroker to general solutions like Fiverr, GrowthCollective, and Truelancer. 

Which freelance site is best?

The ideal freelance site will depend on your specific business and talent needs. However, we recommend GrowthCollective as the best option for companies in search of marketing and business professionals who can accelerate profit and revenue for your business.

Who is the biggest competitor to Upwork?

In terms of visibility and popularity, Fiverr is probably one of the biggest Upwork competitors. However, there are plenty of other large options out there, including PeoplePerHour, Codeable, Freelancer, Guru, HubStuff Talent, and Growth Collective.

Is Upwork the best freelance platform?

While Upwork has its benefits, such as wide access to talent and ease of use, it’s not the best freelance platform for employers. The talent isn’t thoroughly vetted, so it’s difficult to know what you’re going to get, and it can be difficult to find a freelancer you can trust.

Is Upwork overcrowded?

As one of the largest freelance marketplaces, Upwork is very crowded. This isn’t just a problem for freelancers trying to find job opportunities. It also means most job postings get dozens of applications, forcing companies to spend a lot of time filtering through options.  

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