21 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools (2023 Ultimate List)

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Social media scheduling tools are some of the most valuable services on the market for today’s business leaders. As of 2022, there are around 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms, representing a sensational market for growing companies.

What’s more, these social media users are increasingly relying on their favorite platforms to research potential products and connect with new brands. Virtually every customer expects to be able to reach their company of choice through social media.

Unfortunately, as valuable as social platforms can be, they’re also extremely difficult to manage alone. You have to figure out the best time to publish content across multiple channels, create all kinds of posts to suit different audiences, and engage regularly with your followers.

Social media scheduling tools can help to reduce the pressure.

What Are Social Media Scheduling Tools?

Two people filling out a content calendar

Social media scheduling tools are software platforms built to help users schedule posts across multiple social accounts. You can prepare pictures, videos, status updates, and more for each of the social channels you’re using, then set your scheduling software to publish each post at the perfect time. 

The right tools enhance your social media management process, allowing you to be active and available at the times when your followers are most likely to be online. They’re also a great way to get ahead of trends, prepare for upcoming events, and plan long-term campaigns.

The best social media scheduler delivers benefits like:

  • Timing: With social media scheduler tools, you can ensure your accounts are active, even when you’re not available. This means you can continue to publish at the perfect time, even when you’re asleep, don’t have internet, or you’re not actively in the office. 
  • Content planning: You can use your social media scheduler tools to outline an entire content campaign from start to finish. This improves your chances of delivering a more powerful social experience to your users and generating real results. 
  • Multiple account management: Many social media scheduling tools allow you to manage various social accounts at the same time. This can save significant time when it comes to handling things like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for your brand. 
  • Consistency: A social media scheduling tool ensures you can send a consistent message across all platforms with the right branding and messaging. This improves your chances of having a lasting impact on your audience. 
  • Preparation: If you have upcoming sales or promotions to prepare for, then social media scheduling tools can help you get ahead of the game. You can plan for events or big discounts and start generating hype early. 
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The Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

The biggest challenge for today’s companies is finding the right social media scheduling tool to suit their needs. There are countless options out there, each with its own distinctive benefits to offer. 

If you don’t have time to search through all the products yourself, here are some of the best tools to consider in 2023. 

1. Best Social Media Scheduling Tool - SocialBee

SocialBee scheduling tool screenshot

SocialBee has quickly emerged as one of the top social media scheduling tools on the market for any business leader. This easy-to-use and convenient tool allows companies to set and forget their social media posts. You can organize posts in a content calendar and even create posts from scratch with the help of built-in Canva integration. 

SocialBee has won numerous awards for its usability and performance and it’s great for all kinds of users, even if you don’t have much experience. It even has a feature that helps you reuse your existing posts by creating variations.

Key features include:

  • Social media analytics (likes, shares, comments, impressions, and engagement rate)
  • Team collaboration tools with workflows for your social team
  • Support for Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and countless other platforms
  • Category-based scheduling to help optimize your posts
  • Customization for each social media profile
  • Bulk editing tools


SocialBee has three pricing plans. The “Bootstrap” plan goes for $19 per month for 5 social accounts and 1 workspace while the “Accelerate” plan is at $39 per month for 5 social accounts and 1 workspace. The “Pro” plan is intended for agencies and bigger accounts and goes for $79 per month for 25 social accounts and 5 workspaces.

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2. Best Value Tool For Small Businesses – Pallyy

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Pallyyy

Designed to make social media scheduling simple, Pallyy is one of the most popular tools among smaller companies. This affordable tool comes with a slick and convenient user interface where you can sort through posts for all kinds of channels, from LinkedIn to Instagram.

For beginners, the Pallyy drag-and-drop social media calendars are easy to navigate. There’s also a dedicated Canva integration for creating visual content and access to a comprehensive library for your whole team. You can create unlimited schedule posts and bulk schedule across channels. 

Key features include:

  • Support for all major social media channels
  • Team collaboration tools and a custom domain for your workforce
  • Post feedback collection for your content
  • Image and video scheduling as well as carousels and text
  • Instagram “first comment” access for your hashtags
  • In-depth analytics for engagement, likes, reach, clicks, and more


There’s a free package available from Pallyy for access to a handful of basic scheduling features across all social media channels and simple reports. The advanced package starts at $15 per month for additional social sets, unlimited scheduling, bio links, and collaboration tools.

3. Most Feature-Packed Social Media Scheduler – SocialPilot

Screenshot of SocialPilot, a social media scheduler

SocialPilot is one of the best social media scheduler tools on the market and one of the most popular among all kinds of major brands. The solution combines powerful publishing technology with insightful analytics and a range of phenomenal collaboration tools. What’s more, all the functionality you need is contained in an easy-to-use dashboard, where you can quickly and conveniently customize your post with gifs, images, tags, and videos. 

SocialPilot is one of the more feature-rich options on our list, with support for all of the top social platforms—from LinkedIn to Tumblr and Google My Business. What’s more, it comes with guided support to help you optimize your marketing efforts. You can leverage a social inbox for instant customer engagement too. 

Key features include:

  • Extensive analytics and reports with white-labeled graphs
  • Engagement support with a social messaging inbox
  • End-to-end scheduling and content creation across all channels
  • Roles and responsibilities for your social media marketing staff
  • Unlimited post scheduling across all channels
  • URL shortener 
  • GIFs, photos, and videos to enhance your posts


Pricing is cheapest with SocialPilot when you pay for an annual package, starting at $25.50 per month for 10 social media accounts. The prices can go all the way up to $106.25 for agency accounts, but everything comes with limitless post creation and scheduling.

4. Best Social Media Scheduler For Teams – Agorapulse

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Agorapulse

One of the most versatile tools for social media management available today, Agorapulse is a tool built to help users make the most of their social strategies. You can use this comprehensive ecosystem of tools to easily manage your social channels, track reports, monitor engagement, and more. One of the biggest benefits of Agorapulse is its focus on collaboration.

If you’re bringing teams together from multiple environments to work on your social media posts, they can all collaborate in the same social inbox. There are even specialist tools for agencies so you can create a white-labeled experience for your audience. 

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive asset library with images and videos
  • Support for all major social media platforms
  • Bulk scheduling with a unified calendar and “approval” for posts
  • Engagement tracking and an integrated social inbox for customer queries
  • Extensive reports with a Facebook ROI calculator for paid posts
  • Endless training solutions for teams


Pricing for Agorapulse starts with a free trial for just 3 social profiles if you only need basic tools. The more expensive plans extend to over $100 per month but give you access to a wider range of publishing and scheduling tools.

5. Best Social Media Scheduler For Agencies – Sendible

Sendible scheudling tool screenshot

Sendible markets itself as the ultimate social media scheduling tool for agencies, and it’s easy to see why. The solution offers a huge variety of tools to help companies grow their audience, attract customers, and achieve their marketing goals. You can access a range of tools to tailor and enhance your content, including valuable visual resources from Canva. There’s also a system to help inform you if you accidentally make any typing mistakes. 

Sendible will advise you on hashtags to use in your posts and allow you to assign tasks to team members or “approve” posts to be published. There’s also a powerful reporting system where you can create custom overviews of your audience, engagement levels, and most valuable posts. Sendible can even give you helpful content suggestions.

Key features include:

  • Post scheduling and previews for all major social media channels
  • Content library with canned responses and hashtags
  • Automatic RSS post feed for all relevant content
  • Smart queues inspired by AI analytics and bulk scheduling
  • Pixel-perfect content editing functionality
  • Monitor and respond to brand messages in a social inbox


Pricing starts with a $29 per month package for solo users who want to manage up to 12 social profiles. If you want a larger amount of functionality, you can upgrade to the $399 Expansion package which supports as many as 105 social profiles.

6. Best Social Scheduling For Meaningful Insights – Sprout Social

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Sprout Social

More than just a social media scheduling tool, Sprout Social is a solution designed to help you better understand your target audience and craft the most effective messages. A leader in usability and user adoption, Sprout Social’s ecosystem is built for businesses ready to go all-in on their social strategy. You can schedule content across multiple networks and access intelligent posting optimization.

A key part of what makes Sprout Social so beneficial is its dedication to offering meaningful insights and reports. There are powerful listening tools so you can track down which users are talking about you and your brand. You can also design a host of custom reports and discover meaningful analytics about your posts. 

Key features include:

  • Social scheduling, publishing, drafting, and queuing across all channels
  • Review management for collaborative teams
  • All-in-one social media inbox for customer queries
  • Profile, keyword, and location monitoring in social listening
  • Tasking and social CRM tools
  • Paid promotion tools to enhance your ROI on premium campaigns


As one of the most extensive tools on the market, Sprout Social is a lot more expensive with the standard package starting at $89 per month when billed annually. The most advanced package costs $249 per month per user and comes with enhanced asset libraries, chatbots, and saved replies.

7. Best Free Social Media Scheduler – Buffer

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Buffer

Easily among the best-known tools in the social media scheduling space, Buffer offers a range of powerful features to business leaders. The tool allows you to schedule and draft posts across a range of popular social media networks, from LinkedIn to Facebook. There’s access to in-depth analytics when you need to learn more about your target audience and collaboration tools for teams.

Buffer also makes it easier to engage with your audience on social media with a shared inbox allowing users to respond to messages and comments quickly. You can also tailor posts for different social media networks and arrange them in your content calendar in a matter of seconds. 

Key features include:

  • Tailored posts for every channel with a custom calendar view
  • Integrated link shortener for easy content sharing
  • Custom video thumbnails and titles
  • Instagram first comments for your hashtag strategy
  • Performance and campaign analytics as well as insights into demographics
  • Machine learning insights for intelligent post suggestions


One of the best things about Buffer is you don’t have to pay anything to get started. The free package allows individual users to build landing pages and manage up to 3 channels without any cost. After that, the Essential package starts at only $5 per social channel, and the Teams package is $10 per channel per month. 

8. Best For Scheduling and Customer Management - Hootsuite

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Hootsuite

One of the many top social media scheduling tools offering a lot more than just basic scheduling functionality, Hootsuite is an entire collection of social management tools. The solution allows you to conveniently manage your social accounts in columns, customizing exactly how you want your content to appear on each channel. 

There’s an extensive analytics section where you can analyze trends and customer sentiment in real-time. You’ll also have access to a wide range of security and compliance tools for teams too. Hootsuite’s easy-to-use social media calendar makes managing ads and organic content easy. You can assign users to specific tasks and integrate Hootsuite with other apps using a built-in directory.

Key features include:

  • Integrations with leading tools and all social media channels
  • Build a library of branded content and share it with your team
  • Access high-performing social sales strategies and funnels
  • Unlock in-depth digital training for your social media marketing teams
  • Report on team productivity as well as social media engagement
  • Manage all conversations within an aligned inbox


Pricing for Hootsuite starts with a free plan which allows you to sign up for up to three social profiles and schedule up to 30 messages. Paid plans start at $19 per month for 10 profiles as well as unlimited messages. All plans have a 30-day free trial period.

9. Best Social Media Scheduler Interface – Loomly

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Loomly

A popular and powerful addition to our list of social media scheduling tools, Loomly gives business leaders everything they need to enhance their presence online. More than just a tool for scheduling and publishing content, Loomly also offers intelligent post ideas and ad optimization tips so you can make the most out of every campaign. 

There are extensive approval workflows available for social media teams, and you can see what posts and ads are going to look like in advance with helpful mockups. You’ll also have access to a comprehensive automated publishing solution for all of the top social channels. Advanced analytics offer behind-the-scenes insights into everything you publish.

Key features include:

  • Advanced analytics with behind-the-scenes overviews of engagement
  • Collaboration tools for social media teams
  • A clean and efficient content calendar
  • RSS feeds, Twitter trends, and social media best practice guidelines
  • Unsplash and Giphy integrations for more engaging content
  • Seamless automated and manual publishing features


There’s a 15-day free trial available for Loomly. After that, your best deals come from buying the service for a year at a time. The base package starts at $26 per month for up to 2 users across 10 accounts. There are more advanced options like the $269 Premium plan for up to 50 accounts too.

10. Best For Comprehensive Digital Marketing - CoSchedule

Screenshot of social media scheduler, CoSchedule

While most social media scheduling tools focus on enabling cross-platform campaigns, few do it quite like CoSchedule. The solution allows you to organize your content and marketing across all of the top social channels as well as your WordPress blog. You can design a comprehensive content marketing calendar, complete with helpful guidance and support. 

There’s also a dedicated headline studio from CoSchedule to help improve the impact of your headlines and useful analytics to get behind the scenes with your campaigns. CoSchedule was named one of the top performers in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for content-marketing platforms, and it can even help you with finding hashtags and keywords.

Key features include:

  • Unlimited marketing projects and scheduling across all platforms
  • Team task management and collaboration
  • Self-service knowledgebase for customer service
  • Request forms and sub-calendars as well as approval workflows
  • Project and campaign templates for beginners
  • State-of-the-art recurring tasks and event scheduling


The marketing calendar basic service is available for free with social media publishing across 2 profiles and personal project management. You can also upgrade to the “Pro” package for $29 per month with more social media automation and campaign templates as well as priority support.

11. Best All-In-One Social Media Scheduling Tool - Plann

Screenshot of social media scheduling tool, Plann

Plann is an absolute social media scheduler - social strategist, designer, and content calendar where you can plan and auto-schedule your Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts. It is loved and trusted by 3-million+ of the best brands and is available on Desktop, iOS, and android to guarantee your entire success on social media.

Plann is a comprehensive social media scheduling, analytics, and strategy suite. It will help you in measuring the outcomes of your posts and stories, tracking website click-throughs, and even showcasing your top-performing color schemes.

Key features include:

  • Visual calendar to solidify your plans for the week
  • Strategic tools with easy-to-learn strategic features
  • Brand tracking with content management with a multi-user collaboration
  • Discover your best-performing color palettes and image swatches
  • Manage hashtags to post at crucial times
  • Professional image editing tools for brand consistency


Plann is more than a scheduling tool. You can try all of Plann’s premium features with a 7-day free trial then you can commit monthly from just $9/month including a companion app.

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12. Best For Mobile Management - Post Planner

Screenshot of social media mobile management tool, Post Planner

Post Planner is an incredible tool for social media scheduling. The clean and simple interface makes it simpler to track the content strategy ofall your social channels in one place. You can manage social media campaigns both on the web and via mobile, integrating with Facebook and Twitter, as well as other common platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Post Planner is packed full of features to help you do much more than simply automate your posts. You can bulk upload posts via Excel or CSV, organize your content into categories, and even recycle the best-performing posts automatically. There are analytics to give you a deeper view into the results of your campaigns, and you can even curate content from other post streams.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive calendar view
  • Drafting with post previews
  • In-built image editor with cropping and filters
  • Media library for all of your branded assets
  • Content ideas for quotes, questions, contests, and more
  • In-depth social media reports


The monthly packages from Post Planner are up to 50% more expensive, so it’s worth considering an annual plan if you can. If you’re committed to monthly payments, prices start at $9 per month for 3 social accounts and 100scheduled posts. There’s also a 7-day free trial, so you can get a taste for the experience before you jump in. The most popular plan is the “Solo” option for $29 per month, where you can manage 10 social accounts and 1,000 posts.

13. Best For Saving Time - NapoleonCat

Screenshot of social media scheduler, NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat has built an impressive client list over the years,featuring companies like Allianz and Avon. The all-in-one ecosystem provides companies with a convenient way to track and manage all of their social media tasks in one place. You get a comprehensive social inbox, where you can track and reply to messages, comments, and reviews in a single dashboard.

NapoleonCat also has powerful automation tools, allowing you not only to schedule your content, but automate the way you respond to certain customer messages and comments. You can map everything out in a shared, color-coded calendar with your team, and access in-depth reports about all of the content you publish. It’s a neat and well-organized system for any business.

Key features include:

  • Social inbox for managing customer service with automated responses
  • Automation for your publishing and workflows
  • Scheduling across multiple social media platforms
  • Analytics for measuring social media marketing performance
  • Customizable and shareable reports
  • Collaboration tools for bringing your team together
  • Auto-moderation for comments on social channels


There’s a 14-day free trial for beginners on NapoleonCat, followed by a range of pricing packages to suit different needs. You can create a customized plan based on the number of users and profiles you need to manage. For instance, the “Pro” annual package for 3 accounts and 1 user will cost $48 per month, while the Standard package for the same coverage is $23.25 per month.

14. Best For Beginners - Iconosquare

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Iconosquare

Although Iconosquare hasn’t always had the most in-depth features for social media scheduling, it is rapidly evolving, with new features added all the time. The ecosystem still maintains its simplicity however, with a fantastic straightforward platform where you can track all of the information you need to run an effective social campaign.

Iconosquare allows you to track analytics and schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The custom reports dashboard is fantastic for capturing valuable information quickly. For instance, you can use a visual graph to determine when the best time for posting is across any channel you’re using.

Key features include:

  • Intelligent scheduler with geolocation and best time to post insights
  • Insightful industry benchmarks for your company
  • Brandable reports for social campaigns
  • Multi-account management for your entire team
  • Promoted post analytics for paid campaigns
  • Industry benchmark tracking for Facebook and Instagram


Like most social media scheduling tools, Iconosquare comes with a 14-dayfree trial, as well as the option to pay either monthly or annually for your services. Paying annually will save you a small amount each month. The cheapest package starts at $49 per month, while the more expensive service, with more features, will cost you $79 per month. There’s also a “custom package” option.

15. Best Diversity - Onlypult

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Onlypult

While most social media scheduling tools will give you a range of options to choose from when it comes to managing your social accounts, few go quite as far as Onlypult. This application for agencies and businesses makes it easy to track campaigns not just across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but also on YouTube, Google my Business, Telegram, WordPress, Tumblr, and many others.

The environment is extremely comprehensive, with convenient tools like a drag-and-drop photo uploading system, so you can transform your library quickly. There’s the option to manage multiple accounts from one window all at the same time. Plus, for teams, users can delegate specific tasks to certain members, so everyone stays on track.

Key features include:

  • Suggested posts and content ideas from competitors
  • Analytics within-depth insights into engagement
  • Link building for your social media campaigns
  • @Mention brand monitoring
  • Photo and video publishing via the web
  • Auto deletion for certain posts when they lose relevancy


Your pricing options with Onlypult start at around $17.50 per month for the “Start” package, which supports 5 accounts for 1 manager, and up to 10 tracked users. If you want to upgrade, more expensive packages include a $24.50 SMM solution for up to 2 managers and 10 accounts, and there’s an Agency option for $45.50 per month. These are all annual prices, monthly options will cost a little more.

16. Best For Visual Planning - Planoly

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Planoly

If you’re looking for a good social media scheduling tool for more visual accounts, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, Planoly could be a great choice. While this service also works for other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, its visual calendars are extremely useful for those with a more creative streak. There’s even a dedicated TikTok toolkit, with curated trend recommendations.

The comprehensive calendar is great for keeping an eye on all of your social media marketing strategies across every channel. You also get in-depth reports and analytics on all of your campaigns, with behind-the-scenes overviews of your business profile data. There are also various custom planners, like IG planners, video planners, and Reels planners.

Key features include:

  • Shareable social media calendar for the whole team
  • Insights into video and content trends
  • Reminder notifications and automated posting
  • Web and mobile apps for the full team
  • Comprehensive metric reports
  • Image filters and video options


Planoly is one of the more affordable social media scheduling tools on our list. Starting at $11.25 per month, you can access the “Starter” plan for a set of Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok features for one user. If you want more advanced functionality for more users, then you’ll need at least the Growth plan, starting at $19.50 per month with unlimited uploads.

17. Best Content Library - MeetEdgar

Screenshot of social media scheduler, MeetEd

Another extremely popular choice on our list of the best social media scheduling tools, MeetEdgar is a fantastic pick if you’re looking for a convenient way to build and manage a bottomless library of amazing, branded content. You can upload huge amounts of information to your account in one go,ready to post across all of your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. You can also categorize that content based on specific themes and purposes.

The ”time slots” function allows you to get “Edgar” to automatically publish, republish, and repurpose evergreen updates for you. There’s also various analytics, monitoring and A/B testing tools to tap into along the way.

Key features include:

  • Scheduling for all the major social channels, plus Google my Business
  • Refresh and repurpose content instantly
  • Automatically publish and track the performance of content
  • Categorize content in a comprehensive library
  • Support for driving users to WordPress sites


The plans from MeetEdgar are pretty straightforward. You’ll pay less for an annual plan, as is the case with most of the options on this list. Monthly plans start at $29.99 per month for the basic option, allowing access to unlimited scheduled posts and 5 social accounts. The more advanced plan for 25social accounts will cost you $49.99 per month. Both options also allow you to add up to 20 members to your team, so it’s great for groups.

18. Best For Social and Email Marketing - Tailwind

Screenshot of social media scheduler, TailWind

One of the few social media scheduling apps which also supports you in managing your email marketing campaigns, Tailwind is an end-to-end solution for tracking all of your campaigns. There’s an in-built photo design system, so you can adjust the appearance of your images before you publish them on Instagram. You can also save customized designs for later.

The scheduling solution allows you to create a powerful calendar for all of your posts across every social media channel, as well as ensuring your email marketing campaigns remain consistent. There’s also a personalized “smart scheduling” function, where Tailwind will pick the best time to publish based on its knowledge of when your audience is the most engaged.

Key features include:

  • One calendar for all social networks and email marketing
  • Insightful analytics and tips on when to publish each post
  • Helpful hashtag finder to boost your campaigns
  • Communities for inspiration on what to publish next
  • Shoppable feed
  • Easy-to-use social media image design tool


Prices are relatively low for the Tailwind app, though you’ll save a lot more by switching to an annual plan over a pay-monthly service. The “Pro”package is the cheapest option for $19.99, which allows you to manage 1Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook account. You also get up to 100 posts per month, and 200 post designs per month. The Advanced package for $39.99 per month doubles your account limit and gives you up to 1,000 posts across your channels.

19. Best For Discovering and Scheduling Content - Crowdfire

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Crowdfire

One of the first social media scheduling apps to support TikTok, Crowdfire makes it easy to manage all of your social accounts from the same convenient place. Part of what makes Crowdfire so appealing is how much it can help you with finding the content you need for your schedule. The social media app allows you to search through a range of potential content options based on your interests.

You tell Crowdfire which topics interest you, and it will suggest a range of articles, images, posts, and RSS feeds to help you. Once you’ve selected the posts you like, Crowdfire will keep a queue of your content, and post them all at the optimum times for your target audience.

Key features include:

  • Publish content direct from your own blogs, sites, and other curated feeds
  • Pre-schedule all of your content for the best times
  • Chrome extension for sharing articles directly
  • RSS feeds you can customize with AI
  • Hashtag recommendations
  • Tracking for business @mentions


There’s a free package from Crowdfire for up to 10 scheduled posts across 3 accounts. After that, the least expensive plan is the $9.99 “Plus”option, for 100 scheduled posts across 5 accounts. There’s also a “Premium” pan for $49.99 per month, for up to 10 accounts, and a “VIP” offering for $99.99per month with 800 posts across 25 accounts.

20. Best For Instagram - Later

Screenshot of social media scheduler, Later

If your social media strategy revolves heavily around Instagram, Later is probably the go-to tool for you. This is one of the best social media scheduling tools on the market all around, but its highly visual calendar is perfect for Instagram users. You begin each post in this platform with an image, rather than text, which is ideal if you’re running a visual-first campaign.

The solution makes it easy to find on-brand content from around the web,as well as transforming user-generated content into your own posts. There’s a“Link in Bio” offering by Later too, so you can transform that pesky limited link in your Instagram profile into a hub for driving traffic to your website.Plus, you can get personalized insights from a range of useful reports.

Key features include:

  • Auto publishing and multi-account publishing
  • Saved captions and hashtag suggestions
  • Auto publishing carousels FOR Instagram
  • Media storage built-in for your photos and videos
  • Linkin-bio connection with brand customizations
  • Tools for curating content


Pricing for Later starts at $15 per month on the monthly plan, for the initial “Starter” package. This supports one social set (for all of the top social platforms) and 1 user. You can also schedule up to 30 posts per profile.There are also limited analytics. The “Growth” package for $40 per month enables 150 posts per profile and full analytics, while “Advanced” for $80gives you everything Later has to offer.

21. Best For Feed Planning - Sked Social

Screenshot of social media scheduler, SkedSocial

Another brilliant option for Instagram-first social media plans, SkedSocial allows you to automatically publish posts across multiple platforms. Youcan even schedule content for Snapchat, Google My Business, and YouTube,alongside the more common channels. The biggest selling point of the service isthe highly visual content calendar, which allows you to plan exactly what yourfeed is going to look like.

There’s a built-in photo editor, to help your content stand out, hashtag suggestions to assist you with reaching a wider audience, and collaboration features for teams. There’s also a fantastic content library for sorting through all your branded content.

Key features include:

  • First comment in posts for hashtag management
  • Automatic posting across all channels
  • In-depth analytics for a range of social channels
  • Zapier integration for links to other channels
  • Content library for asset management
  • Post statuses and approval workflows for teams


Pricing starts at around $25 per month for Sked Social, which provides access to a range of platforms for a single user. Upgrading to the $75 per month “Essentials” package will give you unlimited support for every user in your team, and up to 3 Instagram accounts, among access to various other channels. There’s also a “Professional” package at $135 per month for more team collaboration.

Which One Is The Best Social Media Scheduler For You?

With so many tools available to help you master your social media strategy today, there’s no shortage of ways to upgrade your online marketing campaigns. While you can’t go wrong with any of the tools mentioned above, each has its own distinct set of benefits to consider. 

If you’re looking for best-in-class scheduling, SocialBee is likely to be one of your top choices. Alternatively, for insights and analytics, Sprout Social is a fantastic pick. You could even consider upgrading your entire digital marketing strategy with CoSchedule. 

Which social media scheduling tool does your team use?

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