TikTok Content Strategy (All The Best Tips for 2024)

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With TikTok a buzzword now, do you still wonder if your business should engage in a TikTok video marketing strategy, too? 

Why should you? 

If you do, what would be the best tips for a successful TikTok content marketing strategy and TikTok content plan? With all the experts’ advice on blog posts and articles out there, it can be overwhelming and confusing.

Here, we answer these questions for you. 

We’ve culled out and collected all the best advice from TikTok itself, as well as from other TikTok video content creation experts

Read on to find out more.

What Makes TikTok Content Successful?

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Launched in 2016, TikTok broke into the social media scene by enabling users to create short-form videos up to three minutes long. 

By 2023, TikTok has become the center point for entertaining content created by everyday people, sharing raw, engaging, and funny splice-of-life moments and pranks, connecting online users all over the world, and creating a new global culture of creators and viewers sharing everyday life in the 21st century

For businesses, it has become a springboard for reaching their target audiences, especially if they’re younger audiences.

TikTok’s growth surged in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic when people were quarantined and turned to social media with their sudden abundance of free time. During those months of 2020, TikTok grew by 180% in number of users, especially among those aged 15 to 25.

By 2021, TikTok became the no. 1 app downloaded and the first non-Meta-owned app in the top five downloaded apps worldwide. Instagram came in second, Facebook ranked third, WhatsApp ranked fourth, and Shopee ranked fifth. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are owned by Meta.

Available for both iOS and Android, TikTok has been downloaded 3.5 billion times all over the world to date. As of January 2022, TikTok has 30.8 million daily active users via iOS and 14.43 million daily active users via Android. 

The average user opens the TikTok app 19 times daily, with kids spending an average of 75 minutes a day on TikTok. U.S. kids spend more than the global average, at 87 minutes per day on TikTok.

From a 2020 valuation of $50 billion by investors, TikTok’s value grew to $75 billion by 2022 – a 50% growth in just two years. 

Despite its stellar growth, many brands are still on the fence about whether it’s worth it to use TikTok as part of their overall video marketing strategy

The answer to this lies in whether the brands’ target user base is on TikTok.

Is Your Target Audience On TikTok?

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Check out these quick stats and facts --

TikTok’s user demographics in the U.S. depict them as mostly young, with almost half of them aged 10 to 29 (47.4%) and 21.7% from 30 to 39. This makes 69.1% of TikTok users’ ages below 40 years old:

  • Ages 10 – 19, 25% of users
  • Ages 20 – 29, 22.4% of users
  • Ages 30 – 39, 21.7% of users
  • Ages 40-49, 20.3% of users
  • Ages 50+, 11% of users

Females account for 57% of active users globally, with 600 million of its daily active users in China (using TikTok as Douyin). 

India had over 200 million users before TikTok was permanently banned in India in mid-2020, along with several other Chinese apps, due to privacy and national security concerns. TikTok addressed these concerns.

TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance Ltd., was founded by Chinese entrepreneurs. Today, around 60% of TikTok is owned by global institutional investors such as the Carlyle Group, General Atlantic, and the Susquehanna International Group.

If your target audience is below 40 and mostly female, especially if they’re in the U.S. or Asia, you’d want to examine how integrating TikTok into your marketing strategy can potentially help your brand.

TikTok Content Marketing 

Female streamer presents cooking contents

Given TikTok’s popularity among users worldwide, it pays to seriously consider how TikTok can fit into your marketing strategy.

Social media ads using videos are powerfully effective in getting your brand in front of more people, particularly your target audiences. These ads generate awareness for your brand, develop connections, and boost engagement with your target audience, which ultimately increases your business’ revenue.

Video marketing is compelling because it includes a combination of visual and auditory cues, which helps reel in users’ attention quickly before it drifts elsewhere. 

Video marketing allows your brand to connect with your target audience more personally and engagingly. If your video content has high production value and is correctly targeted to your intended audience, users will associate your brand with quality, relevance, and usefulness. They will look forward to your videos as they will see them as worth their time.

In a Wyzowl report, more marketers credit videos with increased dwell time, traffic, leads, sales, and reduced support queries than any other format since 2015., with good returns on investment (ROI). Consumers use video as an integral aspect of their journey with brands, so they expect to see video content from brands and use it as a vital element in their research and purchasing decisions.

For TikTok content marketing, another study found that:

  • TikTok’s users are more open to and accepting of ads than general internet users as long as these ads are native-looking and align with the users’ experience
  • Millennial TikTok users are 2.3 times more likely to create a post and tag a brand
  • 63% of all successful TikTok ads communicate their message right away
  • TikTok ads with powerfully emotional messages have the best performance
  • U.S. TikTok influencers have an average engagement rate of 18%, with higher engagement rates for micro-influencers (those with less than 15,000 followers)
  • TikTok’s Top-View Ads are users’ most favorite ad format

A WARC Media report reveals that 75% of marketers planned to boost their TikTok ad spending in 2023, even with forecasts for a downturn in digital ad spending growth, defying the trend of a larger market slowdown. 

Companies in almost all sectors are expected to increase their TikTok ad spending, with technology and electronics, retail, clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare topping the list. 

TikTok is expected to exceed $15 billion in global ad revenue by the end of 2023.

Main TikTok Ad Formats For Content Marketing

TikTok allows brands to create a variety of video ads. TikTok’s five main ad formats are:

1. TikTok TopView

As soon as users open their TikTok app, they are likely to immediately see your ad in their “For You” section, so it’s hard to miss. TikTok Top View ads are a widely used ad format among brands and marketers, given their immediate visibility among users.

These ads can be up to 60 seconds long, with the following specifications:

  • Recommended Resolution: greater than or equal to 540 by 960 pixels (px), 640 by 640 px, or 960 by 540 px
  • Aspect Ratio: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9
  • File Types: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • File Size: less than or equal to 500 megabytes (M.B.)
  • Bitrate: greater than or equal to 516 kilobits per second (Kbps)

A good example of a TopView ad was Tanologist’s, featuring nine Creators in a montage showing off how to use the brand’s Self Tan Drops. The ad, combined with other TikTok campaign activities, generated 70M ad impressions, a 3% intent boost, and a 15.7% lift in ad recall.

@melaniewilking That GLOW UP tho!! In love with these @tanologisttan Self Tan Drops #tanologist #melaniewilking #ad ♬ Drop & Glow - Tanologist

2. FullPage Brand Takeover Ads

These ads temporarily “take over” a user’s screen for three to five seconds. These ads are smaller than TopView ads but also appear as soon as users open their TikTok app. Each user can only see one Branded Takeover ad per day.

Many brands use this format to direct users to a landing page or a challenge they pose. However, these ads are more expensive. This format is recommended for brands that already have an established following on TikTok.

TikTok Brand Takeover Ad specifications:

  • Recommended Aspect Ratios: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9
  • File Types for Video: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • File Types for Static Images: JPG or PNG
  • File Size: less than 50 kilobytes (K.B.)
  • Video Duration: 3 to 5 seconds

Too Faced’s Brand Takeover ad is a great example. The brand aimed to inspire Gen Z females in the United Kingdom to “shop the look” by driving awareness and sales for its “Lip Injection Extreme” lip gloss. Too Faced is a cruelty-free brand that inspires women to “own their pretty” through its cosmetic products. It described itself as “a serious brand that knows how to have fun.”

Using bright colors, dynamic motion, and hologram effects to bring “Lip Injection Extreme” to life with an attention-getting disco-party vibe, Too Faced used TikTok’s vertical-first split screen format to demonstrate the before-and-after effects of “Lip Injection Extreme”, showcasing the product’s unique selling proposition (USP). 

The brand also consistently used its instantly recognizable logo and style to build and strengthen brand awareness and favorability while incorporating a strong CTA to drive viewers to buy the lip gloss from the Too Faced website.

Too Faced’s Brand Takeover generated 7.6 million impressions, with 2.54 million of these unique impressions in just one day after it launched. It gained 1.3 million clicks to the product page, resulting in an 18.38% click-through rate (CTR), well above the benchmark for this product category in the U.K. market.

3. TikTok In-Feed Ads

These are more conventional but autoplay ads that users see as they navigate through the TikTok app. These ads can be up to 60 seconds long with sound, but TikTok recommends video durations of between 9 and 15 seconds for higher engagement. Just like regular videos that appear in users’ “For You” feeds, these in-feed ads can also be liked and shared by users.

Brands can add a Call-To-Action (CTA) and a landing page link to these ads, making it easy for users to take action and boost brands’ conversion rates. 

In-feed ads are the most cost-effective among the ad formats, with ad rates starting at $10 CPM (Cost Per mile/thousand impressions).

TikTok In-Feed Ad specifications:

  • Recommended Resolution: greater than or equal to 540 by 960 pixels (px), 640 by 640 px, or 960 by 540 px
  • Recommended Aspect Ratios: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9
  • File Types: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • File Size: less than 500 MB
  • Video Duration: up to 60 seconds, but 9 to 15 seconds is recommended

An excellent example is the premium automobile and motorcycle brand BMW’s partnership with famous K-pop artist Henry for its latest plug-in hybrid car, the BMW eDRIVE, with its “e-ideal Vibe” campaign. The focal point of the campaign was Henry’s creativity in producing a remix of the popular song “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, using only the sounds from the BMW eDRIVE.

The campaign was a huge hit. Using a mix of In-Feed and TopView ads, the campaign ran for six days. The campaign generated 45.99 million video views and 6.29 million engagements. Even better, the campaign, which was originally targeted at the Korean market, ended up becoming an international hit, with 3,400 users from 49 countries participating.

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

This is a defining TikTok feature that has proven to be most popular, letting users express their creativity and contribute to an online cultural movement. 

Brands can invite users to participate by posing a challenge and creating a specific hashtag for it. Branded Hashtag Challenges are designed to promote brand awareness and enhance engagement. When a user taps on a Branded Hashtag, it takes them to the brand’s landing page, which shows other curated videos featuring the same hashtag.

A prime TikTok content marketing example is fashion house BOSS’ #MerryBOSSmas Branded Hashtag Challenge. The Challenge aimed to cheer a young global audience with the launch of their latest collection in December 2020, the first Christmas under a global pandemic quarantine.

BOSS teamed up with celebrated illustrator Justin Teodoro for a special Christmas collection inspired by Teodoro’s work. BOSS encouraged users to slip into the role of a mannequin showing off their favorite festive looks while throwing up a heart symbol with their hands to trigger the graphic elements (hearts, stars, etc.) from artist Teodoro’s collection. 

The brand also engaged with popular Creators from markets all over the world, with TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads using Creators’ videos showing users exactly how the Challenge worked and promoting participation among their followers and beyond.

A “BOSS” song performed by LODEF ft. Fleur East was produced for the challenge of adding a native and exclusive feel to the campaign.

BOSS’ Branded Hashtag Challenged launched in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States and garnered more than 3 billion views. Close to a million video creations were shared by TikTok users.

5. Branded Effect

Branded Effects enable brands and their audiences to express their creativity on TikTok by creating unique filters and visual experiences through stickers and special effects. This ad format is best for reaching a younger, camera-absorbed demographic. 

It’s recommended for brands to combine Branded Effects with other TikTok ad formats and collaborate with TikTok influencers to optimize reach and engagement.

A great case example is Netflix. The brand created a special Branded Effect to complement its Branded Hashtag Challenge, #TribesChallenge. Although it’s already a popular global brand, Netflix went to TikTok to make a new original series it was launching famous. It aimed to raise mega awareness for “Tribes of Europa” among boxset lovers all over Germany.

It kicked off its campaign with ten popular German TikTokers. These influencers used Netflix’s custom Branded Effect graphics and the #TribesChallenge hashtag, demonstrating how to participate by using different outfits against augmented, tribe-inspired backgrounds. Users were to show allegiance to the series’ four tribes in a creative way, using the Branded Effect.

Netflix also used TopView and One Day Max In-Feed ads to complete the campaign package. The campaign exceeded its benchmarks, generating 1.5 billion video views.

In general, the most successful TikTok ad campaigns are original, authentic, and consistent with brand personas, involve user participation, have high energy, and are in vertical formats. They also involve partnering with established TikTok creators and influencers to ensure that their ads are seen by a more defined target audience their businesses are also aiming to reach.

What Are The Pillars Of TikTok Content?

Marketing success on TikTok ultimately comes down to a mindful balance between content and campaign planning and spontaneity and creativity and executing them in optimum timing

TikTok recommends prioritizing, planning several months ahead, and launching campaigns early. With any TikTok content marketing campaign, you must be clear about:

  • Who you are trying to reach 
  • Your campaign objectives (Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion?)
  • How you will measure your objectives, beginning with --
  • Reach and video views for Awareness
  • Traffic, app installs, leads generated, and community interaction for Consideration)
  • Using TikTok’s conversion tracking tools once you’ve set up the TikTok pixel for website conversion
  • Key dates for your campaign

Additionally, here are thirteen (13) pillars to always lean on in creating effective TikTok content plans:

1. Understand your audience.

a young teenage girl holds a phone and shoots content for TikTok

Start with understanding the interests of TikTok users in general by watching its viral videos and examining what makes them viral. 

Also, think about the typical TikTok user: what are their pain points, biggest fears, and deepest desires? What’s keeping them from reaching their goals? The more granular you get, the better. It will help you find and focus on your ideal target audience.

Then, think about how your business can help them. What do you have to offer? What benefits will your products and services bring to your TikTok audience? How will these products and services address their pain points, fears, and desires? How will your brand help them reach their goals?

Later on, as you publish your TikTok videos and generate an audience and a following, strategize on how you will create spaces for engaging with your viewers. The best way to understand them is to engage with them. 

Encourage comments by asking questions, answering viewers’ questions, and responding to their comments as well. You can respond by typing your responses directly into the comments or replying with a video. Human nature being what it is, people like being noticed, especially younger ones who are still exploring and establishing their identities in the world. Paying them positive attention helps keep the conversations going.

When going Live, engage your audience by mentioning their names and reading and responding to their comments in the chat box. Give shout-outs to people who engage actively. This helps build a sense of community and connection with your audience as you get to know them more and understand them better.

As you connect with your audiences more and understand them better, don’t be tempted to create videos that cater to them but that you are not really interested in creating. Keep your authentic passion for the videos you create. It’s what drew your audiences to you in the first place. Help them get to know you better, too.

2. Define your brand.

A well-defined brand helps people quickly identify your videos with your signature style. Your viewers can easily spot your videos because they know what to look out for. 

Think of all the things you and your business are passionate about, your areas of expertise, your unique superpowers, the topics you want to cover over and over again without getting bored by them, and your own quirky characteristics and ways of seeing the world and doing things. Focus on your persona and the unique things about you and your business that you want to highlight and put out there in the world.

Your personal and business brand will likely evolve over time as you and your TikTok community grow, but the key point to a strong brand is being authentically you.

The more authentically you shine, the more you draw like-minded people to you and your brand. This can also open doors to future collaborations with influencers and other creators, as well as growth opportunities for your brand.

Gen Z users have a dominant presence on TikTok, and they are particularly focused on authenticity. Make your brand both unique and relatable by creating user-generated content (UGC) such as explainer videos, demonstration videos, and product testimonials. This type of content also builds your authority and establishes trust in your brand.

As you start seeing results, invest more into your brand by making your videos shine even more. This can mean investing in new and better production equipment, such as cameras, lights, or tripods, to achieve better lighting and higher-resolution shots. 

This can also mean investing more of your attention and time in learning new skills, participating in workshops and events, attending networking conferences, and even expanding your team so you can deliver more and better value to your viewers.

3. Tell a great story. 

  Save Download Preview farmer in the sunflower field, recording content for the lifestyle blog vlog

All the best videos have one thing in common: they all tell a story. They have a clear beginning, middle, and end that engage audiences all throughout.  

Pull viewers in at the beginning by adding a hook that makes them stop scrolling. To keep them interested and engaged, make video formats as tutorials, step-by-step explainers, and illustrative stories narrated with eye-catching scenes and captivating language. You can also introduce questions that are answered as viewers watch your video in full.

4. Create fresh content regularly.

Aside from TikTok marketing and advertising, create an organic presence for your brand, which viewers can relate to and connect with beyond the products and services you sell. 

Create an organic profile where viewers see you as your brand persona. This allows you to showcase other aspects of you and your brand, such as being fun or socially and environmentally conscious. You can grow beyond purely informational marketing. 

TikTok offers many visual effects, filters, and tools (audio effects, music, narration, for example) to bring more life and variety to your videos. Make the most of these to help your viewers see you as real—a brand they can resonate with like a friend, not just another creator or business out there in TikTokland who makes money out of people watching your videos.

Most importantly, your relationship with your viewers becomes relational, not simply transactional. In creating connections and building communities, relational bonds are key.

5. Carefully choose the relevant sounds and hashtags for your videos. 

TikToK logo on the screen of the tablet with popcorn box and Apple earphones on the background

The right sounds and hashtags will help you reach a wider audience.

At TikTok, you have a whole library of popular music to select from to complement your videos. The audio library has expanded and keeps on growing daily to include longer-duration sounds. 

Of course, you don’t have to have sounds for every video, but it’s recommended when it’s relevant to your content. Besides, sounds have a way of drawing audiences further into your story as the music wraps around them and tunes out the noises from their surroundings. 

Using trending sounds and hashtags can especially boost your reach. To find out what’s trending, press the Discover tab on TikTok. You will see what kinds of videos are trending and what hashtags and sounds they are using. You can use these for your own videos if they’re relevant to your content.

6. Create stand-out introductions.

Use very eye-catching visuals that highlight what the topic of your video is all about. Add clear and concise text to the start of your video to help frame the subject for your audience. Sprinkle sticker text throughout your video, especially when you reinforce your main points and introduce new subtopics.

7. Create compelling videos.

a man recording a fun content

Make videos that stand out. 

TikTok recommends vertical videos that are longer than 5 seconds, with captivating captions that add context, using creative effects and video tools that bring videos to life (freeze-frames, voice-overs, Duets – the sky’s the limit!). Utilizing these features can boost TikTok views, as they help captivate your audience and encourage interactive participation.

You can upload videos up to 10 minutes in-app. Capturing your viewers’ attention early and keeping their attention all throughout makes for watchable, shareable videos.

On the other hand, publishing longer videos helps you reach more viewers, particularly those who are looking for more in-depth content not usually found in shorter videos.

Longer videos help you go into more storytelling, educational, or informative content. They also allow your viewers to spend more time on your content. Although you focus on your finish metric with short videos, focus on users’ video consumption duration for longer videos.

Longer videos also help you build trust with your viewers because there’s more time for connection, information, and educational content they can engage with.

Use these TikTok features for longer videos:

  • Editing in-app - use TikTok’s enhanced editing tools to easily adjust clips, sounds, images, and text without leaving TikTok
  • Full-screen mode – direct users to optimize their video-watching experience by tapping “Full Screen” on videos that are filmed horizontally, so your viewers can see your videos the way you want them to be watched
  • Splitter – a tool you can use on the TikTok.com website to make sure your video is cut down to the exact shots you want
  • Playback speed – users can adjust the playback speed to suit their best viewing experience by making the video playback slower or faster

Using longer videos does not affect your videos’ “recommendability” in TikTok’s “For You” feed. TikTok recommends longer videos as well as shorter ones based on people’s engagement with them and viewers’ interests.

8. Understand your analytics.

By monitoring and understanding your analytics, you learn more about your viewers and about your own video content production elements as well.

From your TikTok profile, tap on “…” to open your settings. Then go to “Creator tools” and then “Analytics” to see how your videos are performing.

There are three main categories to monitor: overview, content, and followers.

  • Overview lets you see video views, profile views, and follower counts over the last 7 and 28 days
  • Content looks at individual performances for your trending videos
  • Followers lets you better understand who your audience is, where they’re from, their activity throughout the day, and more
Source: TikTok

9. Use your analytics effectively.

Instead of focusing on one metric, focus on high-level trends in your analytics and study how your audiences are engaging with your videos.

The “For You” feed pulls content from videos posted within the last 90 days. Videos generally peak in engagement in the first few days, but they can continue to be recommended by TikTok for as long as viewers keep engaging with them. Video performance, then, can extend over several months, so keep your videos up longer to give audience engagement time to develop.

Experiment, be creative, and post different kinds of videos to see what resonates most with your audience.

10. Highlight key dates and seasons, and keep a constant eye on key trends.

Think about your brand and its core values. Highlight this by taking advantage of key dates and seasons to produce video content on these themes. 

For example, Black-owned businesses may want to publish special content for Black History Month in February, women-owned businesses may want to create special content for Women’s History Month in March, and environmentally-conscious businesses may want to showcase special content around World Environment Day on June 5 of every year.

In addition, monitor trends. It’s not just about checking out what’s going viral and riding on the bandwagon by creating content on those. Watch out for trends aligned with your brand and relevant to your business offering. Otherwise, simply cashing in on what’s popular for virality’s sake can seriously sabotage your brand authenticity and voice.

11. Study and learn from your competitors.

opening TikTok on a phone screen

Similar to checking out your competitors for how well their products and services are selling and what their market positioning and marketing strategies are, you must also regularly check out your competition on TikTok. This time, study what makes their videos go viral and learn from their best as well as their worst practices.

Scope out their TikTok profiles and look at which of their videos are getting the most views, shares, comments, and overall engagement. What kind of comments are users making on their posts? What video effects stand out? How can you integrate their best practices and avoid their worst practices in your own video posts and TikTok marketing campaigns?

12. Connect with the right audiences, especially via influencer marketing.

After reviewing your analytics and learning what resonates with your audience, create more videos that they enjoy and that attract and engage your audience.

Add hashtags to your captions that are relevant to your videos so they’re more likely to be found by the right audiences using those hashtags to look for content like yours. Join in trending hashtags highlighting trending topics and video challenges.

You can also tag another creator whose videos inspired yours or are related to yours. Leverage their clout with their audiences by providing aligned content that also widens your reach. 

Take it several notches higher with TikTok influencer marketing.

13. Allow space for spontaneity.

Don’t feel like you have to keep your TikTok content calendar strictly followed. Leave room for spontaneity and creative freedom.

Creativity flourishes best when contained by limits. The limits are what you carefully research, strategize, and set on your TikTok content plan and calendar. Now that you’ve got a plan give your creativity space to happily stumble into spontaneous serendipities by creating videos on the spot.

You can always update your TikTok content plan over time as you create and publish your videos and discover what’s working and what’s not working with your viewers. You can just fine-tune your goals or even set new ones as you grow and evolve in your TikTok marketing journey.

From Staid To Sazzy: A TikTok Content Strategy Example

two women browsing TikTok videos

You wouldn’t expect the conservative The Washington Post to be on TikTok, but it is. In fact, it’s one of TikTok’s earliest brand adopters.

Having distinguished itself through its political reporting on the workings of the White House, Congress, and other aspects of the U.S. government since 1877 and its more than 60 Pulitzer PrizesThe Washington Post is now known among its young TikTok followers for its funny and even musical content, embracing some of TikTok’s weirdest special effects.

Faced with increasing financial difficulties in a struggling newspaper industry in the 21st century, the Post, as it is popularly known, underwent a series of major restructuring, employee buyouts, layoffs, and the closure of its domestic branches. In 2013, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper and its affiliated publications for $250 million.

The Washington Post believes that TikTok could be a funnel for new subscribers and for news consumers everywhere. Dave Jorgensen, the Post’s “TikTok Guy,” explains that the paper’s average subscriber is well over 40 years old, so getting into TikTok was a strategy to get younger people to become aware of and trust the brand.

The Washington Post has a dedicated “TikTok team” to tailor content to young viewers who want to laugh, be entertained, and be informed. 

So, the Post’s TikTok account regularly shows the newsroom in action to humanize the people behind the bylines. Drawing inspiration from The Office, an American sitcom television series depicting the everyday work lives of office employees funnily, the Post publishes videos on this topic recreating the humorous tone that Gen Z loves. One video showed the news team discussing The Bachelorette instead of the Democratic debates, while another video featured a comical highlight of a slip-up by Vice President Harris during a prior debate.

A study analyzing the Post’s content on TikTok revealed these main tips to other brands and marketers on how to be successful in TikTok content marketing:

  • Share important, relevant, and useful information and distinguish yourself as a thought leader
  • Speak your mind. Young viewers like it when CEOs of companies speak out on issues they care about and that it’s important for the companies they buy from to align with their values.
  • Interact with other organizations. Collaborate with other brands to reach multiple audiences
  • Have fun. Attract potential new followers by displaying self-awareness and a healthy sense of humor. Self-deprecation when making mistakes and diffusing common frustrations resonate well with younger audiences.

As of spring 2021, The Washington Post had more than 900,000 followers on TikTok and 37.4 million likes. As of May 2021, the Post recorded more than 75 million total digital unique users, with mobile unique visitors making up 65.2 million and 26% of the overall audience aged 18 to 34.

What Is The Best Content Strategy On TikTok?

official TikTok account

Ultimately, the best content strategy on TikTok is the one that aligns with your brand persona and values and resonates well with the values, interests, and needs of a younger demographic of users. It’s also the content strategy that optimizes TikTok’s variety of tools and analytics to understand and serve its users better.

If you do it right, you’ll be riding on the crest of TikTok’s waves surging into the future.

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