11 Fiverr Alternatives for Businesses and Freelancers in 2024

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Sites like Fiverr are incredibly valuable in today’s digital world. Fiverr (and Fiverr alternatives) give freelancers the opportunity to seek out flexible work in their field, maintaining control over their careers and their growth trajectory. 

At the same time, these sites also ensure business leaders can access talent quickly and affordably whenever they need specialist support with certain tasks. 

However, while Fiverr is one of the better-known freelancer marketplaces available today, boosting around 4.3 million buyers per year, the platform isn’t without its flaws. Fiverr alternatives give both freelancers the opportunity to seek out better opportunities (and earn additional income). Plus, they give companies a chance to source more specific talent or streamline the hiring process.

Today, we’re exploring some of the most attractive sites, like Fiverr, which you can consider if you’re looking for new ways to expand your career or support your team.

Why Consider a Fiverr Alternative in 2024?

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Fiverr has a lot of benefits to offer both employers, and freelancers. As a business leader, you can use the platform to search for high-quality talent, without worrying about spending a fortune. The platform offers a seamless experience, with a broad catalog of contractors to choose from.

For freelancers, Fiverr makes it simple to seek out jobs relevant to your skills, and bid for opportunities to grow your portfolio. 

However, there are some major downsides, too. For business leaders and employers, Fiverr:

  • Doesn’t guarantee exceptional talent (or results). There’s not much of a vetting process for candidates on the site, and anyone can sign up to bid for work.
  • Charges service fees to both employers and freelancers, making it difficult to ensure staff are properly compensated for their work.
  • Won’t match you directly to the right staff member for your project, meaning you have to spend more time sorting through applicants.

For freelancers, Fiverr suffers from issues like:

  • High levels of competition make it difficult to obtain regular work. You’ll need to spend a lot of time building your profile and searching for clients. 
  • Has a reputation for “cheap” talent, meaning you may need to reduce your prices if you want to ensure you have access to work.
  • Fees charged to freelancers can eat into your overall earnings.

What to Look for in Sites like Fiverr

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The good news for both freelancers and employers is that there are various sites like Fiverr that can offer a better experience and additional benefits. If you’re a business owner looking for a site like Fiverr to help you source high-quality freelancers, we recommend looking at:

  • The talent pool: What kind of experts are available on the site? How are their skills and abilities validated by the platform owners? Can you see examples of their work?
  • The matching process: How does the site help you find the right talent for your project? Is there a team to help you, or are you responsible for the selection yourself?
  • Fees: Does the platform charge high service fees, or does it charge you a specific rate for freelancer support? How transparent is the pricing structure?

If you’re a freelancer looking for Fiverr alternatives, we recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Work availability: How easy is it to find roles? How competitive is the platform, and how much work do you have to do to “bid” for projects?
  • Income potential: Can you earn a decent income for your work? Will you be forced to reduce your price to compete with other contractors?
  • Support: How supportive is the platform? Do they offer resources to help you grow or expand in your field? How do they deal with conflicts with clients?

11 Fiverr Alternatives to Consider in 2024

While there are dozens of freelance marketplaces like Fiverr available today, we’re focusing exclusively on the most popular, and highly regarded options. We’ll be looking at the pros and cons they offer to both freelancers, and business leaders in search of talent.

1. Growth Collective

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Growth Collective is a leading freelancer platform dedicated to sourcing only the best possible talent in the business growth landscape. Unlike other sites like Fiverr, Growth Collective has an in-depth vetting process, and works to ensure businesses and contractors find the right “match” for their needs.

They company can match freelancers and businesses in less than a day, and has a track record for success for a range of freelancers, from social media consultants to Google Ads experts. 

Why Businesses Should Choose Growth Collective

Unlike Fiverr, Growth Collective carefully vets specialists in their field, examining their background, history, and communication skills. They only invite the best talent to join their network, and every freelancer has at least five years of experience in their field. They even conduct video interviews and skill assessments in-house to ensure they’re sourcing the best candidates.

What’s more, Growth Collective promises an excellent matching process, helping you to find the right talent faster based on your goals. You can manage hiring, time sheets, and invoices directly on the platform, and the pricing is highly transparent, with no hidden costs.

Why Freelancers Should Choose Growth Collective

Because Growth Collective only sources the top talent in the industry, there’s less competition for work. Based on your background and knowledge, the team will help match you to the ideal projects, ensuring you access projects that help you to grow and thrive. 

Based on your skill set, you’ll be able to charge a reasonable fee for your time and expertise without having to compete against vendors offering “lower costs.” Plus, you’ll have access to plenty of support from the Growth Collective team as you build your career. 


  • Less competition for freelancers than on other platforms
  • Exceptional vetting process to ensure businesses get the best talent
  • Fantastic matching process for both freelancers and companies
  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • Easy-to-use platform for both contractors and employers
  • Transparent pricing with no long-term commitments


  • Focused heavily on business growth and marketing
  • Stringent vetting process for freelancers

2. Upwork

Upwork home page

Upwork is one of the better-known Fiverr alternatives on the market today. It’s similar to Fiverr in a lot of ways, offering access to a wide range of talented professionals, and a relatively convenient platform. The open marketplace makes it easy to post, or search for jobs with minimal effort. 

Additionally, the site allows companies to sort through candidates based on factors like skills, portfolios, reviews, and experience levels. 

Why Businesses Should Choose Upwork

The Upwork bidding system means companies can potentially source talent for cheaper rates than they’d get elsewhere. There’s a lot of competition on the platform, meaning you may be able to access better deals for some of your projects. 

You can fine-tune your search on the platform, though the process can be a little time-consuming. Additionally, you can choose from freelancers with a wide range of skills. There’s even the opportunity to hire long-term freelance employees.

Why Freelancers Should Choose Upwork

Upwork is a great platform for freelancers getting started in the “gig economy”. There are plenty of jobs on offer at all times, although you might have to fight for the projects you want. There are some useful collaboration features to help you connect with your employer, and Upwork does process payments relatively quickly, so you can access the money you earn fast.

Upwork also offers opportunities to help you boost your chances of employment, such as allowing you to pay for ads, create a comprehensive profile, and “pitch projects.” You can even discuss your skills with the Upwork recruitment teams for more advice.


  • Easy to use platform with lots of freelancers and opportunities
  • Secure and straightforward payment structure
  • Tools for communicating and managing clients or freelancers
  • Useful resources for both freelancers and businesses
  • No costs for joining the platform


  • Almost no vetting process (candidate quality can vary)
  • Lots of competition for freelancers, making it hard to source work
  • Transaction fees are charged on all payments

3. Guru

Guru home page

Guru is a networking and freelancer platform, committed to connecting contractors and employers worldwide. The company focuses primarily on professional services, such as help with SEO, site development and design. It also promises exceptional security for data, and has earned a 99% satisfaction score over the years. 

Guru makes it simple for freelancers to find jobs relevant to their skills, with a comprehensive platform where they can filter through opportunities based on a range of factors. Plus, finding freelancers is simple, with ratings on every contractor profile.

Why Businesses Should Choose Guru

For businesses, Guru offers instant access to over 2 million experts. You can post jobs for free and use the company’s “WorkRooms” to manage multiple freelancers working on the same task. The site helps you sort through freelancers with ratings, reviews, and portfolios, although there isn’t a matching service available. 

The chances are you’ll also find higher quality talent on Guru, as there is a basic vetting process in place to ensure that not just “anyone” can apply for roles. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose Guru

Guru is a good place to find work if you have skills in programming, translation, and copywriting. You can charge your own fees for work without any restrictions, although you will need to compete against other employees sending “quotes” to potential clients. Because the site has a good reputation, most employers do expect to pay more than they would on other sites like Fiverr.

Additionally, you can rest assured that your funds will remain safe and will be paid to you as quickly as possible. There’s even a 24/7 customer service team if you have any issues with the platform. Unfortunately, there is a membership fee to consider. 


  • Excellent freelancer verification and vetting methods
  • Secure payments and transaction management
  • Workrooms for managing multiple clients and projects
  • Plenty of opportunities to find different freelancers and roles
  • Opportunities to earn a decent income for freelancers
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No matching service for freelancers and businesses
  • Fees charged to freelancers for memberships
  • Limitations on available talent

4. Toptal

Toptal home page

Promising to put quality first, Toptal is a Fiverr alternative that claims to only source the top 3% of talent in various landscapes. Freelancers are vetted and verified, and the team can even hand-select the ideal contractor for your business needs. 

For freelancers, Toptal eliminates the issue of struggling to make a decent income by allowing you to charge reasonable prices without worrying about competition. You can find roles as a finance expert, project manager, developer, designer, and more.

Why Businesses Should Choose Toptal

While Toptal charges more for freelance talent than other sites like Fiverr, it also promises a higher level of quality. The stringent vetting process used by the company ensures you’re more likely to get the results you want from your project. Toptal also helps you find the right talent, reducing your time to hire and ensuring projects are completed on time.

The company makes it easy to search through potential freelancers, showing you their expertise, history, and even the companies they previously worked with. Plus, there are guarantees and free trials to give you absolute peace of mind.

Why Freelancers Should Choose Toptal

Since Toptal eliminates about 97% of your competition as a freelancer, you’re less likely to have to drop your prices just to get a decent role. Of course, you will need to pass the 5-stage screening process, which means it could take a while before you can start looking for opportunities. 

The company offers resources like blogs and guides to help you boost your chances of earning a great role. Plus, payments are delivered relatively quickly. You can even end up working with some of the biggest companies in the world.


  • Comprehensive screening process for employer peace of mind
  • Less competition for freelancers than on other platforms
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Decent earning potential for freelancers
  • Free trials and guarantees for businesses
  • Lots of skill options and opportunities


  • Expensive pricing for businesses
  • It can be difficult for freelancers to be approved
  • High deposits for work

5. PeoplePerHour

Peopleperhour home page

Relatively well-known in the freelance landscape, PeoplePerHour is similar to Fiverr. Anyone can join the platform, although there is a greater focus on security with this platform. PeoplePerHour allows business leaders to contact freelancers directly or list roles on the platform. 

There are plenty of different skilled professionals for businesses to choose from, and lots of opportunities available to freelancers. There’s even the option for freelancers to promote “package deals” for things like SEO link building or web design.  

Why Businesses Should Choose PeoplePerHour

If you’re looking for an affordable way to hire freelancers for your next project, PeoplePerHour is a good choice. The level of competition on the platform, combined with the ability of contractors to offer bundles and packages, means you can save some money on hiring staff. 

You can find hundreds of specialists in different niches and categories on the platform, and it doesn’t cost you anything to list a job. Plus, there are money-back guarantees and anti-fraud protections for peace of mind. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose PeoplePerHour

If you’re new to the freelance landscape, PeoplePerHour can help you to build a strong portfolio. There are usually a lot of opportunities available on the platform. However, you may have to charge a little less to begin with if you want to attract potential employers. 

Like with Guru, you can also manage multiple projects from the same place in your freelance dashboard, which makes it easy to keep track of your work. Plus, there are various ways to “sell” your services, aside from simply bidding for jobs.


  • Excellent range of talent and opportunities
  • Free sign-up for freelancers and businesses
  • 24/7 customer support for all users
  • Anti-fraud protection and money-back guarantees
  • Lots of different ways for freelancers to make an income
  • Profiles to help businesses sort through experts


  • Limited vetting process, so quality can vary
  • Lots of competition for freelancers
  • Relatively low earning potential

6. Freelancer

Freelancer.com home page

If you’re a business looking to source talent from a range of industries, or a freelancer starting to build a new profile, Freelancer is a great choice. It’s home to over 41 million freelancers, with thousands of different skillsets. There are plenty of different ways to hire talent and apply for projects too.

Businesses can search through freelance profiles or list jobs on the site. Alternatively, freelancers can bid for projects or list their own services. There’s even the option to set up different payment structures, with hourly rates and partial payments for project milestones.

Why Businesses Should Choose Freelancer

Freelancer is an easy-to-use platform with access to tons of talented professionals all over the world. You shouldn’t have any problem searching through potential candidates, and you can even request a quote for work before you agree to any contracts. Plus, Freelancer will only ask you to pay for your work once you’re confirmed satisfied. 

Freelancer also works hard to ensure you’re getting value from your talent, with a built-in time-tracking app to ensure you’re not paying for the support you don’t get. However, you may end up being pushed into a paid membership. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose Freelancer

With thousands of potential roles to explore, Freelancer does give you a good opportunity as a freelancer to seek out rewarding work. However, you’ll only get 8 bidding proposals each month unless you sign up for a paid membership. Since there’s a time-tracking app built-in, it’s relatively easy to charge customers “per hour” rather than giving a fixed price for a project. 

Additionally, you should be able to find opportunities regardless of your skillset on this site, although you may need to fight against a lot of competition for the best roles. 


  • Easy-to-use platform with great filtering tools
  • Lots of options for hiring and setting different payment structures
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for employers
  • Time-tracking app included for hourly work
  • Lots of opportunities and skill sets to choose from


  • Hidden costs and membership fees
  • Hiring can take a lot of time for businesses
  • Lots of competition for freelancers

7. Truelancer

Truelancer home page

Truelancer is a global Fiverr alternative where businesses can find millions of freelancers with thousands of different skills distributed around the world. Truelancer allows employers to rate their freelancers, making it easy to sort through contractors with the best reputations. Plus, there are AI-powered talent-scoring tools for deeper insights. 

For both freelancers and companies, Truelancer offers mobile and web-based apps where users can collaborate and track projects in real time. Secure payment processing services are also included.

Why Businesses Should Choose Truelancer

Truelancer makes it easy to find the freelance talent you need with valuable search and filtering tools, profiles, and AI-powered tools. It’s a good option if you’re looking for cheaper freelancers, as most of the employees on the platform charge much lower rates for things like SEO and marketing. 

However, you might find that you don’t get the same level of expertise you would expect from other sites like Fiverr. On the plus side, you will be able to keep track of your project’s progress, with the Truelancer mobile and web apps. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose Truelancer

Getting started with Truelancer as a freelancer is simple because there’s no complex vetting process. However, the company does charge project fees and membership costs, which can drastically reduce your income. The high level of competition is also an issue, particularly if you want to earn a decent wage- you’ll need to ensure you can prove yourself to employers. 

On the plus side, you do get some useful tools for helping manage your projects, and you’re free to bid for as many projects as you like.


  • Millions of skilled professionals and thousands of opportunities
  • AI-powered talent scoring tools for businesses
  • Mobile and web apps for collaboration
  • Secure payment processing included
  • Opportunities to build a profile as a freelancer
  • Decent customer service


  • Talent quality can vary drastically
  • Difficult for freelancers to charge higher prices
  • Potential hidden fees for freelancers

8. Outsourcely 

Outsourcely LinkedIn page

Outsourcely is another of the top sites like Fiverr that connects companies with remote workers in over 180 countries. The platform specializes in freelancers with skills in content writing, sales, marketing, administration, web development, and customer service. 

Since the company focuses on more “long-term” projects, the platform comes with various management tools built-in, such as a dashboard where freelancers and business leaders can communicate. There’s even the option to host remote interviews.

Why Businesses Should Choose Outsourcely

While Outsourcely might not be the ideal platform for short-term projects, it’s ideal if you’re looking for longer-term remote workers to work with you on comprehensive projects. Outsourcely pre-vets its talent to give you peace of mind and gives you thousands of potential professionals to choose from. Plus, you can choose whether to search for talent by skill or post job listings. 

There’s even a built-in dashboard where you can host regular meetings with your employees without having to use external tools. However, you do need to pay for a subscription to the service.

Why Freelancers Should Choose Outsourcely

Unlike other Fiverr alternatives, Outsourcely allows remote workers to keep all of their earnings with no commissions or fees to pay. The site makes it easy to manage one or multiple projects and clients at the same time and search for opportunities relevant to your skills. 

It’s also an excellent option if you’re looking for more “security” in the freelance landscape, as the platform focuses more on long-term work than one-off projects. However, with 400,000 people already on the platform, there’s quite a lot of competition. 


  • Excellent for long-term roles and projects
  • Multiple ways to hire freelancers and find projects
  • Built-in tools for communication and collaboration
  • Fantastic range of skills for companies to choose from
  • Pre-vetted freelancers for peace of mind
  • Freelancers keep all of their earnings


  • Not suitable for short-term and one-off projects
  • Expensive memberships for business leaders
  • No matching service

9. Codeable

Codeable home page

If your problem with Fiverr is that the platform is too “generic,” Codeable might be the ideal option for you. Unlike most Fiverr alternatives, Codeable focuses exclusively on helping WordPress development experts find roles linked to their skills. 

The professionals on the platform can help with everything from plugin design to theme development, as well as security and troubleshooting. Over 97% of the freelancers also have at least 6 years of experience in their field. Plus, contractors are required to complete a professional review, an exam, and a trial period before employment.

Why Businesses Should Choose Codeable

Compared to other sites like Fiverr, Codeable ensures you can find the exact niche talent you need in the WordPress development space. That means there are fewer candidates to sort through who might not be relevant to your needs. The comprehensive vetting process ensures you’re going to get the quality talent you need, and there’s a dedicated customer success team. 

Plus, you can get free estimates from developers, with no obligation to hire them and post any kind of job, from long-term projects to one-off requirements. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose Codeable

Because Codeable focuses on a specific niche and vets its freelancers carefully, there’s a lot less competition for projects here than you’ll find on similar sites. You’re more likely to end up with high-paying roles, and you won’t need to reduce your prices just to get a chance at a job. 

While you will need to go through a stringent testing process, and your customer satisfaction levels will be monitored carefully, you can build strong relationships with companies through Codeable.


  • Dedicated solution for WordPress developers
  • Carefully vetted freelancers for business peace of mind
  • Complete flexibility on projects and pricing
  • Excellent customer satisfaction team
  • Training resources for freelancers
  • Effective matching strategy


  • Pricing for employers can be high
  • Focused only on WordPress developers

10. FlexJobs

Flexjobs home page

FlexJobs makes it simple for candidates to find serious clients who are willing to pay a decent wage to talent with the right skill set. At the same time, it ensures business leaders can find high-quality candidates pre-vetted by the team. It’s particularly useful for long-term hiring projects, as it comes with ATS integrations to support your recruitment strategy. 

FlexJobs is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, including Dell and Apple, and offers business professionals to help with everything from marketing to customer service. However, there are some fees to consider, which may be a barrier for certain freelancers.

Why Businesses Should Choose FlexJobs

FlexJobs works hard to ensure it only sources serious professionals in search of flexible work. There are plenty of diverse hiring options to choose from, including freelance and permanent remote roles. Plus, you’ll have thousands of different freelancers to choose from every niche. 

FlexJobs even offers a range of useful tools to businesses, such as data and activity reporting solutions. You can even access member saving discounts on certain types of software. However, you will need to pay a monthly fee for access. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose FlexJobs

FlexJobs doesn’t accept job listings from companies that don’t seem committed to delivering “fair wages” to their employees. This means you’re less likely to end up dealing with a low income. There are plenty of opportunities to choose from, whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term roles.

Plus, there’s a fantastic resource hub for freelancers where you can access webinars, career coaching, and skill tests to boost your professional development. Unfortunately, there is a membership fee. 


  • Lists only serious candidates and employers
  • Lots of flexible hiring opportunities
  • Access to valuable integrations and business tools
  • Resources and learning solutions for freelancers
  • Wide range of niche talent options to choose from


  • Subscription fees for freelancers and clients
  • High levels of competition in some fields

11. TextBroker

TextBroker home page

Finally, if you’re looking for a Fiverr alternative specifically focused on the content production niche, TextBroker could be the ideal option for you. TextBroker vets candidates carefully to ensure they’re delivering quality to employers, but there are still plenty of skilled professionals to choose from.

Plus, there are no charges and hidden fees for freelancers, so you can keep 100% of your earnings. You’ll also be able to sort through thousands of orders to apply for, so you should be able to earn a decent income, particularly if you’re looking to work freelance full-time.

Why Businesses Should Choose TextBroker

TextBroker makes it easy to find freelancers who specifically specialize in content production. You can find experts capable of creating sales pitches, blogs, video scripts, and more. Plus, the company guarantees that your work will be done based on your deadline, even if that means sourcing another writer if your freelancer is unavailable. 

You can order any kind of content on just about any platform without paying a monthly fee. Moreover, you can manage everything through the platform, including exporting content to your CMS. There’s even a useful calculator for determining project costs. 

Why Freelancers Should Choose TextBroker

Due to its vetting process and niche focus, there’s less competition on TextBroker for freelancers in the content space. You won’t have to pay any fees to sign up for an account, and you can keep 100% of your earnings with no commissions to pay. 

There are always hundreds of job opportunities to choose from, and you can even access a backend environment to collaborate with your clients. There’s even a helpful team of editors who can provide feedback on your work to help you improve. 


  • Excellent guidance and support for freelance writers
  • No fees to freelancers, and weekly payment schedules
  • Highly reliable service for businesses, with fully-vetted freelancers
  • Easy-to-use backend for collaboration and project management
  • Lots of free writing resources and tools


  • Focused entirely on content production
  • Price per word can be high for some projects
  • Slightly complicated registration process for authors

The Best Sites like Fiverr in 2024

Fiverr company logo icon on website with magnifying glass

Fiverr might be an excellent freelance platform for some companies and freelancers, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you’re unhappy with the talent, the income opportunities, or even the platform offered by Fiverr, there are plenty of great alternatives out there. 

Ultimately, our number one pick has to be Growth Collective for obvious reasons. Offering access to the top talent in the industry, Growth Collective ensures businesses can quickly and reliably source the experts they need to expand their business and unlock new revenue.

At the same time, the platform gives freelancers an excellent opportunity to earn a decent income and work with some of the world’s leading brands. If you’re ready to take your freelance career to the next level, or you need to hire an expert in the growth landscape, get started HERE.

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