Virtual Marketing Assistants to help you Grow Faster

Virtual Marketing Assistants are elite offshore team members to help you grow faster while allowing you to stay focused on your highest value work. Affordable. Fast. Brilliant.

Manage social media efforts
Write articles & create content
Research keywords, competitors & more

A true Marketing Assistant to help you grow faster

The secret weapon of many venture firms, agencies, VC-backed startups and other fast growing and brilliant enterprises.


Top Marketers

We only accept and place the best Virtual Marketing Assistants

And, each Marketing Assistant is matched to your needs

Save over 70%

Save money while getting better help than a local entry-level local person

Straightforward pricing: most roles are just $3,000 per month

We Handle

We source, place and help manage each Marketing Assistant

We train each Marketing Assistant so your teammate is always growing

It's Time To Meet Your
Virtual Marketing Assistant

You don't need a freelancer. You need a real growth assistant to help you grow.


Your Virtual Marketing Assistant works 40 hours a week for you – and only you.

On Your Time Zone

Your Marketing Assistant works on your hours

A true team member

Virtual Marketing Assistants are real team members.  They are dedicated to you and your company like any other team member.

We are your partner

We handle hiring, helping you if anything goes wrong, and training your Virtual Marketing Assistant so they are always getting better.

Each Virtual Marketing Assistant helps you focus on high value work

To really grow the value of your business, you have to be focused on high value work. Marketing Assistants are the secret to doing that.

Your Virtual Marketing Assistant does the routine and basic growth tasks, so you can focus on the higher value work that helps you, your company and your enterprise value GROW. Stop doing the repetitive work that is keeping you from getting you and your business to the next level.

Amazing Talent

We only hire the best of the best so you
have a Virtual Marketing Assistant that can truly help you grow while keeping you focused.

Work with the best of the best

Matched To You

Each Virtual Marketing Assistant is custom matched to you. We learn about your needs and wants and then find the right Marketing Assistant to help you grow.

The perfect candidate for you

Immediate Impact

Each Virtual Marketing Assistant is trained to make an immediate impact when she joins your team. Each one is college educated, trained in growth marketing and speaks great English. And, we are always training our Marketing Assistants so they grow as you grow.

Easy & fast on boarding

Add To Your Team

Whether you need 1 Virtual Marketing Assistant or 10, we can help. Most of our partners have many Marketing Assistants and we love to watch each of our partners grow more quickly when they do :)

Scale with Marketing Assistants

What our partners say

“I have had offshore marketing teammates for many years.  Virtual Marketing Assistants streamline things and makes this powerful growth tactic available to all."

Neil Patel
Famed Internet Marketer |

“I wish I had a Virtual Marketing Assistant years ago. It would have made building my businesses so much easier and less stressful.”

Chuck Longanecker
Chief Executive Officer | BASILE Studio

“I was swamped with too many every day tasks to be able to focus on real growth. Then I discovered Growth Collective's Marketing Assistants & I'm back to focusing on the work that really moves us forward.”

Michael Wicker
General Manager | Hello Bar & Subscribers

“We tried hiring locally for some of the routine work we do internally. It was expensive and tough to find great people. Hiring Virtual Marketing Assistants is a better way.”

Mike Kamo
Co-Founder & Global CEO | Neil Patel Digital

How We Work

We handle the recruiting, hiring, training and so much more. You get a partner in us and a growth teammate in your handpicked Virtual Marketing Assistants.


Tell Us Your Needs

Fill out our onboarding form so we know what you need and can find you a perfect Virtual Marketing Assistant.  We have a "get-to-know-you-call" so we are sure to understand your needs and find you a great Marketing Assistant.


We Match You

We match you to a Virtual Marketing Assistant to fit your needs, wants, work arrangements and team culture.


Meet your Worker

Time to get to work growing! Your new Virtual Marketing Assistant is placed as a full-time member of your team, and we support you and your Marketing Assistant.

We provide all of our Growth Marketers with best in class training opportunities

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Your Growth Teammate Is Ready

We have your growth teammate ready to jump in and make an immediate impact.  Let's do this.

One Price. Amazing Growth.


per month

Get Started
Top offshore Growth Marketing team member custom matched to you
Full-time team member (40 hours per week)
Works on your time - no balancing time zone differences
We provide ongoing training to your Marketing Assistants

Most roles are $3,000 per month but some premium roles might require a higher monthly investment.

Are you ready to grow faster, smarter, and more affordably?

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Growth Marketer
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Email Marketing
Growth Funnel
SEO Specialist
Site Speed
Mobile Optmization
Page Rank
Keyword Research
Reporting & Research
Google Analytics
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Marketing Web Analytics
eCommerce Marketing
Shopify Specialist
Shopify Templates
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Search Engine Marketer
Search Engine Marketing
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Paid Ads
Lead Generation
FB Pixel Setup
Facebook Ads
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Social Media Management
Social Media Account Setup
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Campaign Setup
Email Template
Sales Funnel
Digital Advertising
Graphic Design
Lead Generation
Facebook Ads
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Video Editing
Website and Analytics
Search Engine Marketing
Tracking Pixel
Microsoft Power BI
Conversion Rate Optimization
Marketing Generalist
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Bing Ads
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Frequently asked questions

What are Virtual Marketing Assistants (MVA)?

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a college-educated growth marketing teammate that lets you focus on higher value work so you and your company can grow faster. Each Marketing Assistant is off-shore, speaks excellent written and verbal English and has 2-5+ year marketing and business experience.

Will my MVA only work for me? What about the time difference?

Absolutely!  Your Virtual Marketing Assistant Is A Full-Time Member Of Your Team!

They will join you for your meetings, be part of your Slack channels, and use a company e-mail address. Your Marketing Assistant is a member of your team and should be treated that way. Each Growth Assistant is excited to help you grow and we handle training them further on Marketing Assistant so that they are always getting better at driving results.

Do you offer Part-Time Virtual Marketing Assistants?

Nope, we don't.

We want you to truly free up your time to be able to focus on those things that can truly add value to your company and help you grow. We have found the best way to do that is to have a Marketing Assistant working full-time. One of the most important things in helping you to grow is to delegate tasks that are sucking up your time so you can focus on what you do best. A Marketing Assistant helps you with doing that and can take so much off your plate.

What marketing activities can a Virtual Marketing Assistant support?

Design/Video, Paid Ads, Organic Social, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Data/Reporting, CX, Sales Support, Ops & more.

Our Marketing Assistants are really versatile so you can have them cover a bunch of tasks and we recommend considering them a Growth Assistant that can do a bunch of different things for you.  But, we also have Marketing Assistants that can dig in on more specific marketing tasks - from Content Marketing to SEO to Email Marketing to Social Media Management to Marketing Research and so much more.  Just let us know what is most important for you and we will match you to the right Marketing Assistant.  

Virtual Marketing Assistants can help you offload a variety of tasks so you can focus on what matters the most. Do you have specific needs? Let’s chat!

How do you help prepare for the first day of your Virtual Marketing Assistant?

We handle the internal onboarding of each Marketing Assistant so they hit the ground running. We also train them on a regular basis.  This training includes how to be sure they are serving your needs as well as training on various marketing disciplines. As you onboard your Virtual Marketing Assistant, you can also let us know what is most important to you and we can help onboard your Marketing Assistant successfully. We also are always available to you if you need us to resolve any issues or help you get more from your Virtual Marketing Assistants.